Sun 13th Jan 2019, Little Haywood

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Ellen Ward Lindley & Karen Denton
Level 1

1st Nancy Chalmers – George – 100
2nd Julie Bytheway – Jess – 100
3rd Marie Tompkinson – Bertie – 99.8
4th Jane Page – Dinah – 99.75
5th Kate Wilkes – Tali – 80
6th Gloria Bonnell – Jade – 80
7th Sue Taylor – Sunny – 80
8th Chris Whitehead – Harley – 80
9th Paul Kempson – Rizzo – 79.9
10th Harold Latusek – Zack – 79.75
11th Kate Wilkes – Skye – 79.5
12th Rebecca Jayne – Freddy – 79.5
13th Julia Reeves – Dandy – 79.5
14th Helen Taylor – Skylar – 79.4
15th Penny Harris – Lyra – 79

Level 2

1st Elizabeth Beaumont – Chandra – 100
2nd Carole Millington – Teddy – 100
3rd Jean Tuck – Zac – 99.75
4th Chris Bennett – Santi – 99.75
5th Jean Tompkinson – Neah – 99.75
6th Mary Allen – Alfie – 99.65
7th Keith Clowes – Monty – 99.65
8th Jan Martin – Mattie – 99.3
9th Alison Deakin – Lola – 89.55
10th Carole Thornley – Zoe – 89.4
11th Jean Tuck – Maddie – 79.5

I arrived at Little Haywood Hall to find Dolores in organisational mode with 101 jobs to do to ensure the smooth running of this Trial but she took the time to show me round the venue which was set back from the village and very spacious and very nice.

I had the pleasure of co-judging with Ellen Ward Lindley and we decided that over the day we would judge all four search areas between us so in the morning I was overseeing Tables & Chairs and the Exterior Search. We were introduced to our fabulous team of helpers who were Tracey Ridgeway and Carole Millington scribing and our runners were Chris Bennett and Jean Tomkinson. They were all fabulous and I’d like to thank them very much.

Dolores called a judges’ meeting where we met the competitors for this L1 Trial. It was a huge entry with 21 competitors but they all had smiley faces and were brimming with enthusiasm. As usual we had a mix of dogs who were very new to the sport and others who were more experienced and a whole array of breeds!

I started with the Tables & Chairs and most dogs sniffed out the right one although the floor proved to be a great distraction with many handlers having to work hard to get their dogs back to the chairs, which to be fair, most did very well. Notable teams who impressed me in this exercise were Sue & Sunny, Paul & Rizzo, Nancy & George and Kate & Tali.

The Exterior Search was next and there was a great secluded spot at the side of the hall which was reasonably sheltered from the wind which lent itself very well to this search. However, being on grass proved a major challenge for several dogs who did make a find but chose not to inform their owners because the environmental smells proved more rewarding! Work will have to be done with these dogs to build drive and performance in this area of the sport. Many dogs did manage this search well and notables here for good team work and handling were Marie & Bertie, Helen & Skylar, Penny & Lyra and two Wow! moments for me were Gloria & Jade who found it in 5 seconds and Kate & Skye who found it in 10 seconds! For enthusiasm, speed and drive Marie’s Bertie is most definitely one to watch for the future!

Congratulations to all who entered. Even if you didn’t qualify I hope the experience was enjoyable for you. A special well done for the winners Nancy & George and to the close runners up Julie & Jess.

Level 2 started as soon as the Level 1 presentation had finished and I was judging the Vehicle Search and Boxes & Bags.

I started with Bags & Boxes and the following competitors demonstrated good handling skills – Carole with Teddy, Liz with Chandra, Jan with Mattie and Mary with Alfie and Chris’ Santi was super quick and gave a lovely indication.

Outside I discovered the wind had picked up and was swirling with gusto for the Vehicle Search but this didn’t put off our intrepid Level 2 dogs in fact it seemed to help them! The three cars stood alongside each other with the one in the middle being blank. Almost all of the dogs found both scents in quick times and my Wow! moment came big time with Liz & Chandra which was amazing to witness! Liz let Chandra off the lead at the start and she ran straight to the first scent and held a beautiful freeze to indicate. Liz brought her back out to reward then sent her in again where she repeated the same behaviour for the second find and all in 29 seconds! Congratulations to Liz & Chandra who went on to take 1st place.

We had a 100% qualifying so well done to all the competitors. The standard was high and I could definitely see the step up in expertise with dogs having to find 8 scents in this Level instead of 4 at Level 1.

My afternoon scribes were Tracey Ridgeway and Helen Hepple who were great as was Maurice, our runner. Many thanks guys. Finally, I’d like to thank Dolores for inviting me to judge and organising a great Trial.

Keep up the good work folks. Hope to see you soon! 😊

Karen Denton

  T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1stNancy Chalmers – George2051920520205192051310071
2ndJulie Bytheway – Jess20533205202054920530100132
3rdMarie Tompkinson – Bertie205262051320516204.83799.892
4thJane Page – Dinah20545204.7524205402059799.75206
5thKate Wilkes – Tali2052220572052605398094
6thGloria Bonnell – Jade20549205520517055080121
7thSue Taylor – Sunny205282053120524055180134
8thChris Whitehead – Harley2054520538205290514780259
9thPaul Kempson – Rizzo20531205350523204.93879.9127
10thHarold Latusek – Zack04.757520513205192051679.75123
11thKate Wilkes – Skye204.5472051020526057579.5158
12thRebecca Jayne – Freddy204.7524204.753420513058779.5158
13thJulia Reeves – Dandy20530204.51720552057579.5174
14thHelen Taylor – Skylar204.544205132051104.93079.498
15thPenny Harris – Lyra04482053320518205179100
Level 2
1stElizabeth Beaumont – Chandra20548205352052920575100187
2ndCarole Millington – Teddy20551205512056920539100210
3rdJean Tuck – Zac2056120558204.7562055199.75176
4thChris Bennett – Santi2051920518204.751182052399.75178
5thJean Tompkinson – Neah2052320590205103204.759399.75309
6thMary Allen – Alfie20545204.932204.751012054399.65221
7thKeith Clowes – Monty205117204.964204.75602056199.65302
8thJan Martin – Mattie204.947204.958204.75115204.7513999.3359
9thAlison Deakin – Lola204.965204.93920554104.756389.55221
10thCarole Thornley – Zoe20544204.918104.75239204.755589.4356
11thJean Tuck – Maddie20552205272056104.57579.5215

Little Haywood Village Hall, Chilwell Avenue, Little Haywood, Staffordshire, ST18 0QZ

9am – 5pm
Entry Fees: £21 per dog.
Contact: Dolores Palmer 01889 586033
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