Complaints Procedure

This complaints procedure has been produced by SWUK to provide a transparent process for managing complaints that may arise from SWUK competitive trials.

In the first instance, complaints MUST be brought to the attention of the Judge AT THE TIME OF THE TRIAL, and then the Trial manager if not resolved.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to point out any discrepancies at the time as marks cannot be changed retrospectively.

Complaints will not be dealt with by the focus group if the above mentioned parties were not approached in the first instance.

To enable the Focus Group Co-ordinator to deal effectively with the complaint the following information should be provided:

1. Date and location of the trial
2. Names of Trial Manager and judge
3. Brief details of complaint including names of people and/or dogs involved.

The complaints that reach the SWUK Focus Group Complaints Co-ordinator will be:

1. recorded (information as detailed above)
2. Ranked in terms of seriousness of complaint to determine what action, if any, to take
3. The co-ordinator will email the complainant to advise that complaint has been received and what will happen next.

SWUK Focus Group Procedure for dealing with complaints about judges.

If a Judge’s name keeps coming up or if the nature of the complaint is such that immediate action should be taken; then the Co-ordinator will bring the situation to Focus Group members for review and a decision taken as soon as possible, on what action if any the judge is required to take.

A letter will be emailed to the judge by the Co-ordinator stating:

 that a number of complaints have been made and that they have been reviewed by the Focus Group
 the substance of the complaints
 specific changes required in their judging behaviour
 requirement that judge should participate in at least one Judges’ seminar within the next 3 months.
 that the Focus Group will monitor judge’s performance by requesting feedback from Trial managers at next three judging appointments

If behaviours continue and further complaints are received a de-selection letter will be sent

 Letter to summarise process and give reasons for decision

Licence revoked.
 Removal from Judges Forum Facebook Group
 Remove from list of judges and SWUK website. Inform Trial Managers

SWUK Focus Group Procedure for dealing with complaints about Trial Managers

The complaint about Trial Managers will be investigated and referred to the Focus Group because of the need to investigate and document the facts and time frame. A plan of action will then be decided by the group or designated members thereof.

Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint satisfactorily for all concerned. Where this is not possible and Scentwork UK is at risk of being brought into disrepute the Trial manager will be informed that they will be unable to run any future trials or be advertised as a SWUK trainer on the organisation’s website.

Focus Group Complaints Co-ordinators: