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Complaints Procedure

Step right up to the sniffing stage at SWUK, where we’re all about fair play and a barking good time! If you happen to hit a ruff patch during a trial, don’t worry – we’ve got a complaint protocol that’s as easy as fetching a stick. Here’s the scoop:

Spotted an issue during a trial? First off, yap it up with the Judge. If things are still a bit hairy, the Trial Manager is your next stop. Quick tip: Point out those snags right away as we can’t tweak scores once the trial is over.

If you’re still stuck in the doghouse after the trial, our Focus Group Co-ordinator is ready to lend an ear. But remember, it may be difficult to lend a paw unless you’ve first chatted with the Judge or Trial Manager.

For a swift and smooth investigation, here’s what our Co-ordinator needs from you:

1. The trial’s date and location.
2. The names of the Trial Manager and Judge.
3. A quick rundown of your complaint, including the names of the humans and hounds involved.

Once your complaint lands in our Co-ordinator’s inbox, they will:

1. Record the details.
2. Gauge the severity of your complaint and plot the best course of action.
3. Shoot you an email to confirm receipt of your complaint and let you know what happens next.

If a particular Judge is often in the doghouse or the complaints are rather serious, the Co-ordinator will call in the Focus Group for a quick pow-wow and swift action. The Judge will then receive a letter outlining:

  • The count and nature of the complaints against them.
  • The tweaks needed in their judging ways.
  • A friendly nudge to attend a Judges’ seminar within the next quarter.
  • A heads up that the Focus Group will be keeping tabs on their performance through feedback from Trial Managers at their next three appointments.

Persistent issues might lead to the Judge being given the ‘paws’, which includes removing them from our Judges Forum Facebook Group and the list of judges on the SWUK website.

As for issues involving Trial Managers, the Focus Group conducts a thorough doggie dig. They then decide on the best action plan. If things get too muddy and SWUK’s reputation is at stake, the Trial Manager might be put on a leash – barred from running future trials or listed as a SWUK trainer on our site.

For any complaints, our Focus Group Complaints Co-ordinators are all ears at