8 & 9 Nov 2021, Sussex

Train the Trainer course Part 1

Calm and Content Dogs and Naomi Sullivan are running a Scentwork UK Train the Trainer course Part 1.

The two day course will be held on the 8th and 9th of November 2021 at our facility in Punnetts Town, East Sussex..

The aim of the course is to provide the trainer with the skills and knowledge to confidently teach their scentwork students to a level where they can compete at levels 1-3 in SWUK trials. The course is designed to provide the trainer with all the skills they need to run successful Scentwork UK training sessions.

The cost of the course is £375 and there are limited places available. If you are interested email calmandcontentdogs@gmail.com to book your place.

Please note:
Applicants should at least have a basic working knowledge of scentwork. Examples include qualifying in levels 1-3 SWUK trials, Qualification in other pet scentwork trials of the same level, trainer qualifications in scentwork disciplines etc.

Applicants with no scentwork experience will be required to attend an introduction to scentwork course prior to attending this course.