Cucklington 22.6.24 Zoe Heritage 22 June 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Cucklington 22.6.24
Levels: L3
Judge/s: Zoe Heritage
Contact for Trial Manager: | 07596 000866


Judges Report

So pleased everyone qualified today and special congratulations to Pam Bell with Wilma for winning with an impressive 100% score. The first search – Tables, Chairs & Perimeter – caught a few teams out as one scent was in a corner but all found the one on the table in the middle of the room. Exterior items and Boxes & Bags caused few problems, with only a few deductions made for over-active paws/feeding in the area/leaving the search area. The 20m wall looked very daunting and sooooooo long but everyone found both items, well within time. Pippa and I enjoyed watching you all and hopefully everyone enjoyed the searches and went home happy. Thank you all for coming.


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Judges Report