Elton Peterborough | 6th May 2024 Justine Steele 6 May 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Elton Peterborough | 6th May 2024
Levels: Level 3 | Level 9
Judge/s: Justine Steele Phillippa Lambert | Justine Steele Nikki Johnson
Contact for Trial Manager: jus@justdogs.org | 07956 488971


Judges Report

Judge’s (Nikki) Report – Level 9
Thank you to all the competitors who came to trial at Elton, Peterborough for Level 9.

Let’s start with the Interior 1 search. Upon arrival, we received a ‘MayDay’ call from Scent-Stream Airlines, flight 009, requesting urgent assistance. At the scene, we noticed a rope had been thrown from the plane, and the emergency slide was inflated. Okay, I know, but it was more entertaining than ‘Maypole’ dancing!

The first hide containing gun oil was in the doggy lifejacket under the back row of seats.
The second hide was in the rope thrown from the plane, also infused with gun oil.
The third hide, located on the right-hand side of the hall just under the last radiator, contained clove.
The fourth hide was on the door frame in the little alcove on the left, scented with truffle oil.

We had a blank Velcro under the table near the pilot’s cabin!

There was notable interest in chairs with human life jackets. Unfortunately, we did get a couple of wrong alerts. The body board also attracted much attention, possibly due to the ankle/wrist cord.

Interestingly, a couple of items that moved quite quickly were the life jackets and body boards, which always complicates the task for the dogs to indicate and for handlers to determine if the dog is indicating or if the item is just moving. All handlers managed this superbly.

Karen and Zelda were the only teams to find all four hides and call clear within the allocated time, so I’m super chuffed for these two.

All in all, it was well searched and handled. The time allocated was 6 minutes.

Interior 2

This search took place in our triage area, which featured its own stretcher (for those without imagination, a chair trolley!). It was in the small room and porch area at the back of Elton Village Hall.

The first hide was at the door opposite the search in Interior 1 and contained truffle oil.
The second hide was in the radiator pipe close to the chairs and the rubbish bin, scented with gun oil.
The third was in the cupboard door on the right-hand side near the hinge, infused with clove.

A blank, a piece of sponge, was placed in the wheel of the stretcher. The time allocated was 3.5 minutes.

Unfortunately, no teams found the clove in the door. Most dogs just walked by, and although I was hoping they might knock and turn back, most pups were headed for the porch area. Heston found a tasty insect there, so there were some exciting sniffs.

Today was a challenging day. It was very warm, and large search areas required a lot of intricate searching. It’s always a pleasure to judge this level, and I hope we all had some fun and the pups enjoyed themselves.

Congratulations to Karen and Zelda for their brilliant achievement, especially considering Zelda hasn’t been trialled for so long. Karen’s handling was just ace.
It was great watching everyone. At this level, I always learn something. Thank you all for letting me judge.

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