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Accredited Scentwork UK Trainers

There are over 150 trainers across the country providing regular Scentwork UK training classes. The map shows the location of accredited Scentwork UK trainers who have attended a Train the Trainers course and can now offer regular classes leading to levels 1 & 2 trials.

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About our ‘Scentwork UK’ trainers

Many of our SWUK trainers have come from the worlds of Medical Detection Dogs, Operational Handlers (narcotics & explosive detection), Police, behaviourists, assistance dog trainers as well as established respected clubs and societies. So you can be sure that SWUK recognized trainers already possess a good understanding of scentwork as well as the general canine knowledge and training skills required to help all dogs and owners.

Scentwork UK recognised trainers will have attended a Train the Trainers course so that you can be sure that you get the very best scentwork training.

As Scentwork UK is a growing organisation there are some areas which are underprovided for. We would encourage suitable clubs and individuals to come forward and become a Scentwork UK training provider with the possibility of running SWUK trials in the future.