Becoming a Trainer

Scentwork for trainers and dog clubs

Scentwork UK currently has over 150 trainers throughout Great Britain and Ireland, we run over 200 trials a year, with over 50 new comers per month entering our trials making Scentwork UK the biggest Scentwork organisation in the UK.

Our mission is to share our success by supporting our trainers and promoting ‘Scentwork UK’ creating greater awareness encouraging the public to our trainer’s classes. We don’t see ourselves as an organisation just selling courses to trainers and promising ‘false’ claims of riches that you might earn by attending one of our courses. We are honest and in this for the long term but we will say that with hard work, desire and commitment you could be in a position of teaching scentwork 5 days a week as some of our trainers now do.

We are the only scentwork organisation investing in marketing to develop our trials managers and competitors rather than ourselves and are currently spending a large proportion of our income re-investing in technology with the mission of producing a top quality product that they both deserve.

How do I start?

Firstly you would need to come along on a ‘Train the Trainers Pt1’ course. *Please Note* – Owing to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak  the ‘Train the Trainer Part 1’ courses are now available ‘on-line’. Please get in touch for more details.  

The majority of ‘Scentwork UK’ Pt1 courses are held in the midlands just north of Oxford.(Junction 12 of on the M40) We feel that this location is ideally located to serve those in the North as well as the south. For those located in the far North and Scotland our representative Gwen Matear will be able to assist you.

Do I need to bring a dog?

It is not a requirement to bring a dog as we appreciate some learn by observing whilst others learn with ‘hands on’ experience. Both options are available to you.

What will I learn?

The Train the Trainers Pt1 course will cover:

  • Ways to promote your classes, what works and what doesn’t. With a proven track record of over 150 trainers you can be assured we know the best way forward to get customers.
  • Different methods to teach Scent Imprinting and Indication knowing that not just one method suits all.
  • Various ways to teach the ‘Passive Indication’ looking at the various stages of teaching this and analysis of the various stages where problems occur.
  • What handling is necessary at these levels and the importance of delivering the correct cues, signals and when.
  • Learning what ‘competition’ skills students should experience in readiness when entering a SWUK trial.
  • Developing handler competence along with appropriate training skills within the four search elements:
  1. Boxes and luggage
  2. Tables and chairs
  3. Vehicle/wall search
  4. Exterior search

And what happens after the course?

• Free 12 week training Guide

We provide you with a printed booklet assisting you to run either a 6 or a 12 week course. The ‘step-by-step’, easy to follow guide, booklet shows detailed course plans, week by week guiding you through the 6 & 12 week modules.

• Scentwork UK trainers Pt1 certificate
• Listing on our website ‘free of charge’ for the first year. Our statistics show that there are over 2,000 visits to this page per month.
• Advertise your courses on the ‘Scentwork UK’ facebook group. This facebook group is the only one of its kind and has nearly 4,000 members.

What additional help can I expect from ‘Scentwork UK’?

We further promote ‘Scentwork UK’ by running ‘Special Scentwork UK’ trial qualifiers at both Crufts and Discover Dogs annually.

You have the option of joining the ‘Scentwork Self Help’ facebook group, ‘free of charge’ enabling the trainer to ask any questions that they might have regarding the teaching of ‘Scentwork UK’ in privacy.

You can also join the ‘SWUK Private Trainers Club’ on facebook which is exclusive to just ‘Scentwork UK’ trainers.
To join it is a one off fee of £55 facebook group which consists of training modules backed with ‘Youtube’ videos. The ‘SWUK Private Trainers Club’ follows the ‘Scentwork UK’ Pt1 course plus additional modules addressing and resolve scentwork issues most commonly experienced by students in Levels 1-4.

Training Modules include

  • Games to teach odour obedience
  • Passive Indication Training Difficulties’
  • Box trashing – how to train for this
  • Amazing Mazes
  • Motivation.
  • Random Rewards in Scentwork.
  • How to teach the wind.
  • The Merits of clear and consistent verbal cues.
  • What dogs and handlers do at trials.
  • The toy hanging tree.
  • A Good Start often leads to success.
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email –

We normally respond to e-mails within 24hrs. If you don’t get a reply please send a text to: 07952 589987

How can I further my learning and development with ‘Scentwork UK’

There is also the option of attending the ‘Train the Trainers Pt2 & 3’. It is not a requirement for trainers to attend these advanced scentwork courses and are available for trainers who wish to expand their knowledge as to what is required for the L3-8 trials.

To find out more about these courses click here.