Becoming a Trainer

Scentwork for trainers and dog clubs

Scentwork UK currently has over 150 trainers throughout Great Britain and Ireland. With over 200 trials a year and as many as 50 new entrants per month we are the biggest Scentwork organisation in the UK.
Our mission is to promote and develop scentwork as a dog sport and training activity throughout the country by providing trials and a network of trainers. Our organisation has expanded by supporting our trainers and promoting ScentworkUK, creating awareness and encouraging the public to scentwork classes.

We are not in the business of selling courses to trainers with false promises and claims of riches that might be earned after attending one of our courses. We believe that honesty is essential for long term sustainability and we can truthfully say that with hard work, desire and commitment you could be in a position of teaching scentwork five days a week as some of our trainers now do.

With the continued development of interest in scentwork we are looking to expand our network of trainers across the country.

How do I start?

First you would need to take a ‘Scentwork Trainers Pt1’ course. For more information about the course click here.

About our trainers

The ‘Scentwork UK’ courses are delivered by only the highest calibre of trainer ensuring that you are investing in only the best scentwork education. Scentwork UK has three trainers enabling us to provide a national coverage.

Neil Losada , Sheffield, Yorkshire

Naomi Sullivan, Horam, East Sussex

Lesley Clements, Northern Ireland / RoI

We welcome applications from existing dog trainers or clubs who wish to add scentwork to their programme of activities as well as qualified trainers who have formal dog training qualifications, for example –

  • Qualified trainers who have formal dog training qualifications with the following providers or organisations, KCAI, IMDT, APDT, BIPDT, ABTC, pet professional guild.
  • Qualified at Level 4 and above in SWUK trials.
  • Previous Scent Detection Trainer for pet dogs (man trailing/tracking/SAR ).
  • Previous trainer for other scentwork associations (UKCSD/Talking Dogs/UK Sniffer Dogs).
  • Accredited Scent Detection Trainer (ACPO/NPCC/NASDU/DATR).
  • Previous operational handling experience (Police/Prisons/Armed Forces/Fire Investigation/SAR/Security).
  • Those who are existing dog trainers or clubs who which to include scentwork as an additional training activity.

If you do not have any of the above but do have considerable knowledge and experience in dog & people training, please do not hesitate to apply and explain your background and experience in the relevant section on the application form.

Do I need to bring a dog?

It is not a requirement to bring a dog as we appreciate some learn by observing whilst others learn with ‘hands on’ experience. Both options are available to you.

After the course

Successful completion of the course leads to SWUK certification.

You will be provided with detailed lesson plans with which you can quick start your own structured ScentworkUK training course. The ‘step-by-step’, easy to follow guide, booklet shows detailed course plans, week by week guiding you through the 6 and 12 week modules.

As a certified trainer you will also have a listing on this website ‘free of charge’ for the first year. Our statistics show that there are over 2,000 visits to this page per month.

You will also be able to advertise your courses on the ‘Scentwork UK’ facebook group. This facebook group is the only one of its kind and has nearly 5,000 members.

What additional help can I expect from ‘Scentwork UK’?

We further promote ‘Scentwork UK’ by running ‘Special Scentwork UK’ trial qualifiers at both Crufts and Discover Dogs annually.

You have the option of joining the ‘Scentwork Self Help’ facebook group, ‘free of charge’ enabling the trainer to ask any questions that they might have regarding the teaching of ‘Scentwork UK’ in privacy

Running Trials

Once you have completed the course you can run ‘Closed Trials’ to give your students the ‘SWUK’ trials experience.

How can I further my learning and development with ‘Scentwork UK’

As you progress your scentwork training journey there will be the option of attending a ‘Train the Trainers Pt2 to learn about what training is involved for levels 5-8. .

To view the course plan click here. Coming soon.