Train the Trainers

Training for Scentwork UK trainers


At Scentwork UK we are keen to get dog trainers clubs to join us so that we can recommend trainers and clubs offering ‘Scentwork UK’ classes nationally and organize trials. With this in mind, Scentwork UK provides Train the Trainers workshops.

These workshops show dog trainers/clubs how to structure a 12 week course and provides lesson plans for each week. These are structured in a way that introduces and revisits the 4 searches tested in the trial, in order to develop competence in these areas over the duration of the course, ready for the Scentwork UK level 1 trial.

  • Boxes and luggage
  • Tables and chairs
  • Vehicle search
  • Exterior search

We currently have over 150 ‘Scentwork UK’ trainers throughout Great Britain teaching the ‘Scentwork UK’ model.

Scentwork UK trainers.


We have been encouraged by the high standard of trainers joining us from the worlds of medical detection, drug detection, search & rescue, assistance dog trainers as well as trainers from the popular dog sports such as agility, working trials, fly-ball, obedience and heel-work to music.

The easy to follow 12 week lesson plans guide the trainer through the course outlining the objectives and outcomes for each week. To teach the Scentwork UK model, for experienced dog trainers with the necessary people and dog training and communication skills, it is not necessary to have taught scentwork before.

Helen Soper – agility … “Our main activities at ‘Ace of Dogs’ are Agility and Rally and we wanted another discipline to offer our members. We started ‘Beginner Scentwork’ sessions early in 2016 and we are now running 2 sessions ‘Improvers’ and a new ‘Beginners’. “

Lizzie Benge- Leading Paws, Maidstone… “I attended a ‘Train the Trainers Pt1 course last Autumn and have recently attended a Pt 2. The ‘Scentwork UK’ classes proved be popular so another ‘Leading Paws’ trainer Lauren Holland is booked on the next ‘Train the Trainers’ to help with the demand. “

Nigel Wilkes –Pet sitter ‘Cotswoffs’…“Scentwork has really taken off here in the ‘Cotswolds’. We started with a small group of 6 people who recently went on and compete at their first trial. I was delighted that they all passed and now they are all ‘hooked’ and looking forward to Level 2. “

Rick Burgess & Kate Kemp, Scentwork Wessex, Trowbridge…“We started out with a small enthusiastic group who quickly went on to pass their Level 1 trial. We have now run two trials and are enjoying training nearly 30 people. “

Laura Wyllie Dog Training – Daventry…“I divided the 12 week course into 2 blocks of 6 weeks, to give me the flexibility around other commitments. The first 6 weeks gave our members a taste of scentwork with the option of them carrying on and eventually to enter a ‘Scentwork UK L1 trial.”

Once the trainer/club has completed the workshop they will have the option to be included on the map as a ‘Scentwork UK’ trainer/club for Level 1. Workshops cost £85. For enquiries please email.