Fosdyke 02062024 Rebecca Moore 2 June 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Fosdyke 02062024
Levels: L7
Judge/s: Marianne Tembey and Rebecca Moore
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Trial Manager Report

Level 7 Fosdyke trial. What can I say.
My mind takes me all over the place with what I can come up with to make our trials entertaining and fair, while adding a little bit of a challenge. Today’s trial certainly did that. Interior 1 was a mock airport carousel with luggage and even musical instruments thrown in. The use of three reward areas really worked well, and helped a lot as it was quite a run all the way back. Exterior was a wheely wheely fun search. Pun intended. Truck, horse box and lots of wheeled kids toys to search.
Interior 2 the judges decided to keep it nice and simple as the other areas were quite detailed.
The sun shine the whole time and it was lovely.
The trial ran nice and smooth, and everyone was happy.

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