Fosdyke 09062024 Rebecca Moore 9 June 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Fosdyke 09062024
Levels: Level 2 and Level 4
Judge/s: Rebecca Moore and Becky Jayne (L2), Julie Fletcher and Rebecca Moore (L4)
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Judges Report

Thank you to Maz for asking me to joint judge the level 2 at Fosdyke along with ‘young Becky’ (eyebrow raised)
I had a fantastic morning watching you and your dogs with some excellent displays of how you should treat a trial.. having fun!
The weather was great for me as I was inside.
For tables, chairs and Perimeter items, the scent was placed in the Velcro of a walking cast and stuck onto the right side of the frame of a chair on the left corner of the tables. Some fantastic searching done here and some super fast times. Special mention has to go to the super fast time of Trish and Raven for a lightning time of just 24 Seconds.
Boxes, Luggage & Containers the first scent was located on a suitcase directly to the right as you went through the cones and on a small box towards the back of the room. Again most dogs found these without any problems. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog puff the air out of a suitcase by sitting on it but it clearly worked for Woody.
Some very fast times overall and a full pass rate for the trial as a whole. Congratulations to all the teams, it was so close between 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th.
Well done to Trish and Raven, Hilary & Wilfie, Rebecca & the lovely Midge and Liz & Coco for their placing! Some lovely teamwork from everyone and it was a privilege to see you all working together so well. Trust those dogs (most of the time!) See you all again soon

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