Foundation Awards

New ‘Foundation’ level & Monthly Awards

The foundation level is to give you a ‘taste’ of a ‘Scentwork UK ‘On-Line’ trials without the pressure of a competition in your own home.
The foundation will be organised either by your own trainer or the foundation co-ordinator* (see below for contact details)

What do I have to do?

You will be required to submit pre recorded video footage of 4 (Starters) or 3 (Novice) searches for feedback.

After successfully completing the searches and answering 3 questions correctly, you will receive a certificate and entitled to a ‘Foundation’ rosette.

What will I learn.

  • Learn how to set up searches suitable for a ‘Scentwork UK – On-line’ trial.
  • Learn suitable places to hide the ‘scent’
  • How to set up and learn suitable camera locations
  • Learn how to set up and work messenger, What’s app or zoom.
  • Brush up your or your partner’s camera skills
  • What to do if your vehicle is parked in a public place.
  • What to do and what will happen if you lose connection whilst you are under test.
  • How to avoid contaminating the search areas.

You can practice all the searches in the ‘Starter/Novice’ on-line’ class as many times as you like. All the searches can be recorded and submitted on different days or all on the same day. Your trainer or the foundation co-ordinator will help you and give you feed back on the videos that you submit.

Watch video to see what you have to do ‘click here’

Monthly Awards

Once you have passed the ‘Foundation level’ you can ask your trainer or the foundation co-ordinator to submit the video of your choice to enter the ‘search of the month’ award.  An independent  judge will select a video who will then be awarded ‘best search of the month’ and the winner will be a awarded a special rosette.

To enter a video for the ‘search of the month’ is free and you just need to let your trainer or the foundation co-ordinator know that you wish to enter.

To find out more ‘click here’

How can I get started?

Either contact your trainer to see if they are offering the ‘Foundation Awards’ or

Contact the foundation co-ordinator  who will be able to test you. Test fee £5

Are you a trainer and want to get involved? please contact ‘Foundation co-ordinator’ for more details.

*Foundation Awards Head Trainer  Liz Ormerod  website –