Haynes, Bedfordshire – 05/05/24 Katherine Miell 6 May 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Haynes, Bedfordshire – 05/05/24
Levels: Level 3
Judge/s: Bettina Colliver
Contact for Trial Manager: info@revolutionk9.co.uk |


Judges Report

I had the pleasure of judging the L3 at Haynes due to the original judge being unwell. It was a lovely sunny day and we had 10 teams competing, for many it was their first trial at L3 and others were close to get their excellence. The order of the areas search were; 20 meter wall, boxes, bags and containers, exterior items and perimeter items, table and chairs.

20 meter wall:
We set up the wall search at the front of the village hall, including the alcove but excluded the plant pots. The first hide (clove) was on the right shutter track just as they turn into the alcove. Most dogs missed it on the first time past as they came off the wall around the corner but all picked it up on the way back. The second hide (gun oil) was towards the end of the wall in a gab underneath an air brick and overflow pipe. Again most teams missed it on the way down the wall but picked it up on the return journey.

Boxes, bags and containers:
The first hide (clove) was on the fastening clip of an old fashion suitcase placed in the middle of the search area. The second (gun oil) was on a box on the edge go the search area opposite the start. Some dogs needed a few rounds checking the items before they got the finds, This was mainly due to the dog not sticking with the find first time or the handler not trusting their dog. Other teams made quick work of it sticking to the finds first time.

Exterior items:
The exterior items were placed in the carpark at the front of the village hall. Both hides were places in a welly boot from the same pair. One boot (with clove) was place wall side of the search area, the other boot (with gun oil) was further down and the opposite side to the first boot. Most teams found the clove hide with confidence whereas the gun oil hide proved more tricky and some missed it altogether.

Perimeter items, table and chairs:
The first hide (clove) was placed in a bike helmet which was the first item if walking clockwise. Many of the dogs walking clockwise missed this early hide the first time due to not sniffing/searching yet but found it when coming back. The second hide (gun oil) was at the far end of the tables on the low bar between the legs. The odour from this hide was getting pushed up under the table and on to the chairs at the side of the table. Some beautiful handling and problem solving by the dogs were on display during getting to source.

Congratulation to all the qualifiers and rosette winners and to Fiona & Bonnie for gaining their excellence.

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Judges Report