2nd Scentwork UK Trial

Sunday 8th Nov 2015. Level 1 & Level 2

The second ‘Scentwork Uk’ trial ran on Sunday 8th November with a record number of 20 entries, 8 Level 2 and 12 Level 1’s.

005Our judge this time was Rob Harris from Medical Detection Dogs and his calm and confident manner really helped to put the competitors at ease throughout the day.

008Also thank you to Domini Allday, our scribe, being an extremely experienced obedience judge and competitor, quickly got to grips with the ‘Scentwork UK’ marking system. Also thanks to Liz Ormerod who was our ‘runner’ for the day being responsible sorting out the ‘running order’ draws and rounding everyone up when it was their turn.

We started the day with the L2 table/chairs and the perimeter search for the Level 2 and first up was Karen Kendall and her terrier ‘Charlie’. This team didn’t experience any problems, finding both scents, well within the time which always abit of a relief for the both the judge and the organiser.

After all the Level 2 competitors had run the test was changed for the Level 1 competitors. Unfortunately we had one false alert in this section which meant that the pressure was on for this competitor in the next three sections.

Everyone then went outside for the vehicle searches again starting with the Level 2’s. The L2’s had to find two scented articles on 3 vehicles and the scent hidden behind the wheel hub, on the first car proved to be quite difficult for some teams and one team particularly putting in a sterling effort unfortunately didn’t manage to pass this section. The L1, although having just one vehicle to search, didn’t have it all their own way as the wind became swirly making locating the source quite difficult and unfortunately one team failed this section too.

004As there was enough time we decided to do the container search for the Level 2 dog before lunch. Rob decided that one scent should be wrapped in newspaper before being enclose into a cycle pannier and the other placed into a small ‘biscuit box’ before being placed into another larger box and left to cook for 30 minutes. All the competitors worked this section well but most comical was Pepper the black Labrador thinking that he should retrieve the box to prove to mum Katheryne that she should definitely call the ‘alert’ on this one. After lunch and much eating of cake, the Level 1’s did their container search and everyone passed this section.

The last test was the ‘Exterior test’ which seemed to cause a few problems last time and also seemed to cause some different problems this time. Rob hid the one of the scented articles under a very heavy roofing tile which was a test to see if the dogs would work that far from the handler and if the handler believed their dog as it looked like it had just fallen off the roof! Well most of the Level 2 dog weren’t fooled by this, and ran straight to the heavy tile and managed to paw the item vigorously exposing the scented article and bringing it back to the handler, which didn’t really matter as we had plenty of other scented articles on stand by.

So back to the village hall for a cup of tea, adding up the scores and writing the certificates and the results were:

Level 1

0121st – Nicki & Rags – 98
2nd – Kate & Paddy – 98
3rd – Marianne & Kai – 96
4th – Marianne & Merri – 96
5th – Rick & Max – 96 clean sweep
6th – Susan – Lyla – 94 clean sweep
7th – Colin & Remus – 94 clean sweep
8th – Lisa & Gibbs – 94 clean sweep
9th – Jennie & Tinker – 94 clean sweep
10th – Chris & Marley – 74
11th – Michelle & Myah – 74
12th – Ali – Maya – 73

Level 2

0151st – Kathereyne – Pepper – 96
2nd – Ann & Maisie – 96
3rd – Val & Indi – 94
4th – Nigel & Breezer – 94
5th – Ali & Chase – 84
6th – Karen & Charlie – 71

Judge’s Report

Again thank you to all the helpers for making the day run so smoothly and also for Sally Marchant from ‘Naturally Happy Dogs’ http://www.naturallyhappydogs.com/ who filmed the event for everyone to view on her brilliant ‘on-line’ magazine.