Aberdeen, 19th November

Level 1 Trial

Trial Organiser’s Report

Thanks to Helen Jones for agreeing to judge in a cold sunny Aberdeen.

We had 11 competitors dominated by Vizslas! Everyone arrived nice and early and were all a little bit nervous about what lay ahead. We started outdoors with the Exterior Search followed by the Vehicle and then inside for Container followed by Tables and Chairs.

Six teams completed the exterior search with the false alerts being called on different items.

The vehicle search was more successful with just one false call but a very fast time of 6.41 seconds for Liz Johnston and Maddie. The freezing weather certainly played a part for both the dogs and their handlers.

We had three false alerts on the container search with Liz calling just a little too early before Mia ran full pelt to the correct bag.

Finally the table and chairs search was completed quickly with some very nice methodical searches.

The hall was tidied up and tea and coffee served whilst the scores were totted up and certificates written.

Helen then talked through her thoughts on the trial and it was on to the presentation.

We had 4 on a score of 80 but Liz and Maddie were fastest at 63.48 seconds overall so took 4th place. D

enise and Fern and Leighanne and Nanook were equal on 98 marks but Denise took second place with a time of 98.3 seconds with Leighanne on 155.37.

A well deserved first place went to Tracy Farquhar and Harvey. This team never put a foot wrong and Harvey’s nice steady searches won the day.

Huge thank you to everyone for taking part, accepting decisions and making it a great event and to Helen for giving up her time.