Belbroughton 24 October 2016

Scentwork UK Level 1 Trial, Best Pals Dog Training Club,

003This was my first Scentwork UK Trial at Best Pals so I was pleased the weather was calm and not windy or raining. Heather Donnelly kindly offered to be our judge for the event so we were all in expert hands.

We started with the Tables and Chairs and there were some amazingly quick finds with all the dogs indicating the odour correctly in less than 60 seconds!

We followed with the Exterior Search which everyone found the hardest as there’s always a lot going on around the Recreation Centre and the dogs can become distracted. Timmy was on a mission though and did his owner, Heather, proud by finding it without difficulty but Ozzie got Anne’s blood pressure going as he took his time before correctly indicating exactly on three minutes with no seconds to spare!

Next was the Boxes and Luggage and it was good to get back into the warmth of the hall as it started feeling very chilly outside with the wind picking up. Melissa had worked hard to cure Woody of his box-trashing habit and he sped around the items without causing any damage taking only 12 seconds to sniff out the scent. Zak demonstrated his wonderfully reliable lying down indication leaving Sheila in no doubt where the odour was!

Onto the Vehicle Search next where Matt’s Bess and Lynne’s Kaiser executed calm, methodical searches both finding the scented article easily.

Although some of the finds were super quick, it isn’t about speed and I was pleased with the handling and team work between owner and dog. The participants had worked patiently with their dogs which definitely paid off on the day as they performed well and all qualified.

Many thanks again to Heather for judging and to my sister, Deborah, who was our helper/runner.

We’re all looking forward to Level 2.