Sharnbrook 10th April 2016

Level 1 Trial

The sun was shining, which was a great start to the day.  This was my first level 1 trial that I was hosting so I had spent days ensuring that everything was packed and ready to go.   Van went off to get power washed so was lovely and shiny ready for the vehicle search.   Tea/coffee cakes and biscuits were all in the bag.     Extra trip to the supermarket to make sure that we had enough boxes.

The van was packed with so much stuff that there was barely room for the dogs, but we were ready.

002I arrived at the hall early, unlocked and started to get the tables and chairs out for the first section.   Hazell appeared so I showed her where she was able to take her dogs for a walk.  Gradually everyone arrived and the excitement could be felt in the air.  Our judge Becky Harris arrived safely and whilst  Theresa was holding the draw to ascertain the order for people to run in, she was able to put out the first swab.     I then brought Kai in as the white dog to check all was okay.

We showed Julia how to scribe, whilst Heather got busy with the videoing and Nicki sorted out the teas and coffees.

Becky gave all the competitors the judges briefing and then we got started.  I was holding my breath with each person that went as I really wanted everyone to do well.  Corrie  with Roxy was first to go and  found the ‘clove scent’ to Corrie’s great relief.   The  next four people all were successful then we had a run of four dogs who could not locate where the article was hidden and a couple indicated on the chair right next to where it was.

004Next we went outside to do the vehicle search.  Judge Becky put the article under the rear number plate, and all but two found this with no problem.  Sara worked Skye beautifully, and eventually indicated correctly.  Skye is a very worried little dog when outside with traffic so we were all ecstatic when she found it.   Harvey handled by Jenny took his time and then indicated incorrectly, which is most unlike him.    Just nerves on the day.

008We then tackled the boxes and luggage, where there were some brilliant searches performed.  Only Jenny and Harvey failed to correctly indicate.   Next time.    In class Harvey is so much more confident and as this was his first time at any sort of competition then I think he did brilliantly.

Outside to do the exterior search was next, and the sun was still shining!   Some fabulous searches and nearly finished these when the ice cream van turned up.

Hazell had a very busy day running three dogs but stepped up to the mark and triumphed fabulously coming first overall with Skye, (so received a lovely trophy, first rosette and certificate) coming 8th with Gem and 9th with Quest.  A very productive day.


All done and inside for a welcome cup of coffee and everyone breathing again.  Judge Becky gave a  talk to say how she felt the day had gone, then gave out the rosettes and certificates.   All helpers were thanked, photos taken and then it was all over until the next time.

I had a fabulous day, encouraging each and every team as they prepared to do their search and then really enjoyed watching them.