For doing a trial at home

‘Clove’ scented articles, for preparation see below.

Gloves – latex gloves are ideal if not use ordinary kitchen gloves.

Scented articles – cut up sections 2cm x 2cm of black polycotton or polyamide swabs

velcro – cut into small sections of approximately 2cm x 2cm – link to amazon

Sticky tape.

Markers – Indicating where you will start the search from. eg doorways, cones, flower pots, mugs etc

Post it notes (For wall & fence searches)

iphone, ipad or laptop

Tripod, or fix (velcro is best) camera to a chair, step ladder etc

Exterior items and ‘House hold’ items, if you will be doing these searches. (see items listed under instructions for hiding the scent & scent hiders.)


Preparation of the ‘Clove’ scent

‘Starters & Novice’

Target odours are made using 2cm x 2cm sections of black polycotton or polyamide swabs (cut up pieces of socks/pop socks are ideal) and or ‘Velcro’.

How to Prepare:

• To prepare Clove scented articles, place 10/12 dried cloves in a clean, empty air tight jar. Place 6/8 articles (see above for suitable items appropriate to the level) on top of the dried cloves and leave at least 2 days. Shake the jar occasionally to ensure even thorough scenting of the articles.