Photo Gallery

Tables & chairs can be arranged like this if you are having difficulty viewing everything on your camera.

The chairs can also be arranged like this. Once this search has been completed the kitchen cabinets can be used for a search once the chairs & table have been removed.

The ‘scented’ article needs to be hidden under the chair so that it can not be seen.

Hide ‘scented article’ behind the table leg so that it can not be seen.

Camera set up in position for the search.

Place markers on the floor  for the camera  to save time when setting up each search.

Fasten the ‘scented’ article in the kitchen cabinet door or draw so that it can not be seen when closed.

Kitchen cabinet doors closed and the ‘scented’ article can not be seen.

Place ‘post it’ notes along a wall/fence next to potential hiding places so that you can find them again and save time.

Use tweezers or something similar to push a ‘scented’ article into the hole or gap so that it can’t be seen.

Hiding around wheel nuts are good places to hide the ‘scented’ article.

Bumper radiator fins are good hiding places.

Gaps around door hinges are good hiding places.

Gaps around trim areas are good hiding places.

Tow eye and tow bars are good hiding places.

Gaps in front & rear doors are good hiding places.

‘Novice‘ – Vehicle & Exterior items search.

‘Novice‘ – Table, chairs & furniture search

‘Novice’ – Kitchen Cabinets & ‘Household items’

‘Novice’ – Wall search & Exterior Items

Remove paper backing from the velcro and stick several to the inside of the rim before ready to use.

Hold the ‘scented velcro in one corner so that it doesn’t get stuck to the gloves.