Starters – Scent Hider


Scentwork UK – On-Line Trials (Scent Hider)


You will need either a mobile phone, ipad or lap top in order to enter the ‘On-Line’ trials.

You also need to be familiar with any of the following platforms:

Messenger, What’s App or Zoom

The searches are seen and judged ‘live’ by the Judge/TM.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to read the ‘rules’ and ‘Instructions for Scent Hiders’
and go through this with them firstly. Most ‘Scent Hiders’ have never done anything like this
before so in order that the ‘Scent Hider’ doesn’t keep the judge waiting or even spoil your
performance they must understand the tasks that they are to perform.

See what you have to do – watch video

Competitor rules – click here.

Instructions for hiding the scent – click here

How to enter an ‘On-Line’ trial.

1) Check out the ‘Scentwork UK’ website to see if there is a trial that is running the Level you require and if there are spaces available.
2) Ask for a ‘time slot’ and book and pay the ‘Trials Manager’.
3) Supply judge/TM with photos of the 4 search areas beforehand.
4) Let the trials manager know if, owing to space restrictions, you want to share a ‘Time slot’ with another competitor so that you can disconnect whilst you set up your other searches.

Before the Trial

1) Check that you have a ‘connection’ with the judge/trials manager. (Remember if you want to use messenger, you need to send the judge/trials manager a ‘friends’ request.
2) Set up all 4 searches and decide a ‘starting point’ from where you will enter each search area letting your ‘Scent’ hider know this.
3) Decide where to position the camera for each search. Note: Pull table & chairs in the middle of the room if necessary.
4) Confirm with the ‘scent’ hider to see if they are clear as to what they are expected to do. (see Instructions for scent hider)
5) The judge will video call you at your booked time slot; please don’t make the judge wait for you.
6) Let the judge know which search you want to start first.
7) Let the judge know if you have a small or elderly dog as this will affect the position of the hides.
8) Leave the room and wait for the ‘Scent’ hider to call you.
9) With your dog on a lead, wait behind the starting point until the ‘scent’ hider tells you when to start after receiving instruction by the judge.

During & after the Search

10) If the judge can’t see he/she may ask you to clarify where the scent is hidden and you may either place your hand on the chair (Table & Chair Search), confirm the item (Exterior & Household Search)or point (As in the kitchen cabinet/vehicle,wall,fence, search) where you think the ‘scented’ article is hidden.
11) The judge will tell you at the time if you have passed or not and may or may not give you your marks at the time.
12) Move onto the next search area and so on.
13) You will be notified of the final results on the ‘Scentwork UK’ facebook group later that day. Please note: It is at the Judge’s discretion whether they wish to enter discussions directly online (Facebook group) or reply via email as to your marks and the results.

After the Trial

1) Contact the regional rosette supplier (details to be found on the website) for your rosette which will be posted to you once payment has been sent to the regional rosette supplier. The cost of rosette will be £3.50.
2) Check your results on the results page league to track your progress.
3) You can enter up to 10 trials in each category at any Level in a league after which you will need to move up to the next level.