Register for Scentwork UK Trials

In order to take part in Scentwork UK trials and be eligible for titles and awards you first need to register. It is not necessary to register to take part in a “Pre-Trial” or to participate as a ‘not for competition’ entry.

Registration costs £7.50 per annum for adults and £3.50 for juniors under 16 on date of registration or renewal. Those with more than two dogs may request free of charge registration for the third and subsequent. See here

Registration will be valid from the date of registration. It is not possible to register now and pay later. It is best to delay registration until you want to enter a trial.

After 12 months you will receive a reminder email. It is OK to let your registration expire if you are not going to be entering a trial and then renew it when needed. The renewal will be valid for 12 months from the date of renewal, not the date of expiry.

Enter your details below and the pay now button will take you to PayPay where your payment will be processed safely and securely. If you do not have a PayPay account simply select the ‘pay by debit or credit card’ on the PayPal login screen.

After you have registered you will be allocated a “Reg ID” number and receive a confirmation email. You will need your Reg ID in order to enter a Scentwork UK trial.

Please note: If you have registered before and have been allocated a reg id then do not register here but go to Registration Renewal and renew your existing registration.

Please do not abandon the PayPal procedure after you have pressed the Pay Now button.

When complete you will be transferred back to Scentwork UK where your Reg ID will be displayed. Please be patient. Sometimes this takes a while.

If for any reason you abandon the PayPal procedure after you have pressed the Pay Now button you will have to start again and the number you are given on screen might be different from the number you get on your email confirmation. The one on the email is the right one. You can always check your number here.