Plymouth, 23rd March 2024 Jane Martin 28 March 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Plymouth, 23rd March 2024
Levels: Level 5
Judge/s: Debra Cassidy
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Judges Report

Thank you Georgina for asking me to judge at a super new venue at Shaugh Prior.
It would be nice to report that the weather was kind – it was certainly varied, wind, rain, hail and sun.
Indoor area 1 was the large rectangular hall with a stage at the end. Hides were placed in 4 places around this area
Gunoil under a book on a bookcase near to where teams entered.
Clove on a pillar at floor level,
Clove under the wheel of the chair transporter
Gunoil at the top of the steps to the stage (approx 60cms)
Three teams found all 4 hides in this area.
The exterior area was an enclosed garden at the rear of the hall. The weather was not kind and there was quite a wind. Distractions included deer pooh and a large container of cooking oil which proved very popular with the dogs.
4 hides were hidden in this area 3 along the wall and 1 under the shed
Gunoil was hide on the hinge of a metal cage at the start of the area
Clove was hidden at the top of the hose reel
Gun oil was hidden in between a pile of slates at the end of the wall of the building
Clove was in a carrier in between green rolls of tree protectors
Two teams find all hides in challenging conditions, most missed hide 1
Indoor area 2 consisted of the entrance area to the main hall with 3 toilets. 4 hides were hidden in this area.
Clove hidden in the shuttered door to cupboard in the disabled toilet
Clove hidden at the bottom of a ladder behind the door of the disabled toilet
Gun oil hidden in the bottom of the last cupboard door in the baby change toilet
Gun oil hidden on the wooden step stool in the gents toilet
Three teams found all hides, the first hide in the disabled toilet was missed by the majority of teams who after finding the ladder hide decided to leave the toilet.
There was some lovely line handling and work by teams. Wrong alerts called due to “panic” by handlers on running out of time.
Trial cannot be run without the band of helpers – I was lucky to have 2 scribes who were both new to the role but keen to learn, so thank you to Debbie and Beth and to Katrina (trial manager) who kept things flowing.
Well done to all those who were placed

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