Requirements for Trial Organisers

Ts & Cs for Trial Managers

By ‘ticking’ the box on the trial registration form you have to the following terms & conditions.

Third party liability and third party insurance, a copy of the certificate to be on show at the trial. Note: You must ensure that you have adequate insurance to hold a SWUK trial/s. SWUK does not provide insurance or cover any accidents or incidents that may occur at your trials.

A refund must be offered and paid by the trial’s manager to competitors if the trial is cancelled for any reason. Refunds will be adjusted after the Trials manager has deducted any incurred expenses. A guide would be 20% of the entry fee refundable.

Rescheduling the event
The TM has the option to rescheduled the trial to a later date. If any of the competitors for any reason can not attend the rescheduled date the TM will reimburse the competitor the entry in full.

Risk Assessment
It is the responsibility of individual trials managers to undertake their own risk assessment at all SWUK trials to cover all likely eventualities, with respect to the health and safety of all those who attend and for fire prevention issues. (A sample copy can be provided)

First aid
First aid provisions must be included as part of the risk assessment, in line with the size of the venue and the number of expected attendees.

Vet on call
We recommend that you also make available contact details for a local vet on call.

Incident Book
An incident book must be available for use at every trial. Anything that occurs at an event that is ‘out of the ordinary’ should be considered an incident and logged in the incident book even if those involved do not wish to take any action.

TM conduct at a trial
The TM to act in professional, courteous and fair manner towards judges, scribes, helpers & competitors

Please familiarise yourself with the ‘complaints procedure’ on the website under the tab ‘Qualifications & rules’.