Fri 02 Sep 2022, Nuneaton

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - L1 Mary Allan & Rita Cunningham L2 Harry Latusek & Jo Hickman

Nuneaton Dog Training Club Old Hinckley Road, Nuneaton CV10 0AA

Start: 10am & 1pm
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Gloria Bonnell

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Rita Cunningham

Thank you to Gloria Bonnel for inviting me to judge L1 at Nuneaton Dog Training Club, along with Mary Allen. Thanks also to Dawn Tranter for being an excellent scribe for me! The trial went very well with some excellent searches. Well done to all who competed and a big congratulations to the top 4 teams!
1st – Sue Pinkham and Lexi
2nd – Beverley Young and Carly
3rd – Marianne Tembey and Nutmeg
4th – Angela Thompson and Bailey

Thank you yo Gloria Bonnell for inviting me to Nuneaton to co judge the level 2 trial with Harry Latusek.
Thankyou to Lyn Evans for scribing for me and to the runners and helpers for making it a wonderful day.
Well done to all the qualifiers and congratulations to 1. Rebecca and Myrtle..2. Jo and Taffy..3. John and Apollo..4. Elizabeth and Ruby..
Some amazing searches and lovely handling..a special mention to the winner Rebecca and Myrtle, an amazing little dog.
I really enjoyed being part of this trial.

Thankyou to Gloria Bonnell for inviting me along to Nuneaton to co judge the level 2 trial with Josie Hickman.
A lovely afternoon with with IIttle or no wind.
A big Thankyou also my scribe for the day,Julia Reeves and my runners to,Janette Ross and Sonia Pihajeckyj.
We had 11 entrants on the day.
I was tasked with judging the boxes/ luggage and vehicle search.
I set out some 12 boxes and bags/cases within the main hall.
The scents were concealed in the Velcro handle of a large bag,sited centre left of the start line,a box contained the 2nd scent and placed centre right.
9 of the 11 teams found both with reasonable ease,the remaining 2 finding 1.
Some lovely handling and searching here,worthy of note were,our eventual red rossette winner Myrtle,scurrying around of lead,and quickly finding both scents,with a lovely indication ,in some 31 seconds.Closely followed by,Rachael and Jemima 34,John and Apollo and Anne and Molly,both in 38 seconds.A good display of teamwork all round.

Vehicle Search
Three vehicles were lined up side by side at the end of the main building.All were facing away from the start line.
The first vehicle to the left was left blank,a scent was placed on the front near side wheel of the second vehicle.The remaining scent was hidden under the sill of the rear passenger door of the 3rd vehicle.
A mixed bag here,with 7 dogs correctly identifying both and 3 finding one.
It was lovely to see a number of the dogs working of lead and working exceptionally well.Tracking around the vehicles without to much intervention from there handlers.
Showing the others the way home here in a time of 65 seconds were,Jo and Taffy.Hot on their heels were Maureen and Rika, Elizabeth and Ruby and Rebecca and Myrtle in some 67 ,69 and 76 seconds respectively.
Overall a wonderful way to spend an afternoon watching these lovely up coming teams.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day…..
1…Rebecca and Myrtle….2…Jo and Taffy…3…John and Apollo…4…Elizabeth and Ruby…
The top 6 six teams all achieving maximum points .
I look forward to seeing some,if not all of you,at sometime in the future and wish you all the the best in your Scentwork venture.

Thankyou for inviting me to judge level 1at nuneaton and thank you to my scribe lyn Evans Congratulations to all who completed and Congratulations to Sue Pinkham on coming 1st Beverley Young coming 2nd Mariane Tembey coming 3rd and Angela Thompson coming 4th lovely to see some amazing searches well done every one

Gloria Bonnell

As Trial Manager I was pleased to welcome you to our lovely venue. I had a wealth of helpers, which help to make setting up and clearing up fast an stress free. Level 1 started with a short briefing at 10am. Thank you to our judges Mary Allan and Rita Cunningham, who made our Level 1 entrants welcome and nerve free. Level 2 which also started with a short briefing and again entrants were put at ease by our two lovely judges Harry Latusek and Jo Hickman. A white dog was used on all searches.
I thank all entrants for their entry and look forward to seeing you at the next one.

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