Fri 03 Jan 2020, Islip

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Gloria Bonnell & Harry Latusek
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Rita Cunningham - Betty20538.35205222052020510.1610090.51
2Caroline Bannard - Nico20519.542051920510720536.87100182.41
3Sue McAuliffe - Amba20517.5920521204.955120512.3899.95101.97
4Maria Rankin - Truffle204.9540.942056820511120569.3799.95289.31
5Gill Smith - Paddie20524.68204.9392051620550.1899.9129.86
6Jan Martin - Jasmine20511.43204.926204.9515920531.1699.85227.59
7Diane Barry - Milo20554.62205722056904.75147.5379.75343.15
8Val Isherwood - Trio20536.69204.87004.718020547.979.5334.59
9Linda Treadwell - Izzy204.9531.69204.93104.814704.837.5359.45247.22
10Chris Baldwin - Riley04.955.69204,9192054604.858.4754.7179.16
Level 2
1John Hearn - Whisper2057420554.6320544.3120550100222.94
2Kate Osborn - Kipling20555204.9542.4420529.822053999.95166.26
3Liz Burton - Artti20570204.991.87204.9555.512057299.85289.38
4Sue McAuliffe - Tiva204.9573204.9546.13204215.132053598.9369.26
5Diane Ireland - Lilly2055720515.1220517.31104.92089.9109.43
6Zoe Ashman - Swift1053120557.3720549.24204.97589.9212.61
7Rita Banfather - Elliott204.81482053020543.131055189.8272.13
8Glenis Charles - Loxley20535204.9524.38104.853.752053789.75150.13
9Lynn Evans - Dixie204.954520520.63104.870.52053589.75171.13
10Janette Ross - Buddy1057120549.63204.51442058289.5346.63
11Nicola Gilder - Watson20521205211.920535.3204.75379.7321.22
12Barbara Lees - Lola20549104,934.5204.9572.76104.82874.75184.26

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou to Annette for inviting me along to Judge theses level 1 and 2 trials at Islip,a lovely venue.My co judge on the day was my good friend,Gloria Bonnell.A big Thankyou to all the helpers and to my 2 scribes on the day,Helen,level 1 and Liz Ormroyd,level 2.I was tasked with judging the tables/chairs and boxes and luggage searches in level 1.A white dog was used prior to all searches.

I set up the tables/chairs in a square pattern,hiding the cloves scent under a chair,which I then placed to the front left side of the set up.Some lovely teamwork shown,with 9 of the 10 teams correctly finding the scent.Excellent searching and times shown by,Jan and Jasmine,11 secs,Sue and Amba,17 secs and Caroline and Nico,19 secs.Some good indications shown,particularly by Milo,leaving Diane in no doubt where the scent was hidden.

Boxes and Luggage
I placed out some 13 boxes and bags within the room,hiding the scent in a buckle of a large black bag,which I then placed in the centre of the search area.A little more tricky for some of the teams,with only 7 of the 10 correctly finding both.Again some beautiful teamwork shown, and lovely methodical searching by the majority.Very quick times by Rita and Betty and Sue and Amba,in 10 and 12 seconds respectively.Also worthy of note were,Gill and Paddy,Maria and Truffle and Caroline and Nico,all working exceptionally well.
As can be seen from the results,a very close run competition with 1st and 2nd and 3rd and 4th places being decided on time.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners.1st Rita and Betty.2nd.Caroline and Nico.3rd.Sue and Amba.4th.Maria and Truffle.

Level 2
The 3 vehicles were lined up side by side on the car park area.The gun oil scent was hidden in a wheel nut,on the front drivers side wheel,directly in front of the start line.The cloves scent I secreted in the electric cup of the tow bar,of the 2nd vehicle.Good teamwork and searching by a number of handlers,although some dubious,trusting their dogs,who found the the scent within seconds.Excellent teamwork by Diane and Lilly,Kate and Kipling,Nicola and Watson and Rita and Elliot,all finding both scents in 17,29,35 and 43 seconds respectively.10 of the 12 teams correctly finding both,the remaining 2 finding one.Although not the quickest,John and Whisper were lovely to watch,nice and steady.

I laid out some 14 articles within a fenced off area within the car park.The cloves scent was hidden in the handle of a small fire extinguisher and placed to the far left.The gun oil was hidden in a wall clock and placed to the right centre.Lovely methodical searching,a pleasure to watch.Some good indications and quick times by,Diane and Lilly,15 secs,Lyn and Dixie,20 secs,closely followed by Nicola and Watson and Rita and Elliot in 22 and 30 seconds.11 of the 12 teams correctly identifying both scents,the remaining team finding 1.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners,1st.John and Whisper,(Excellence).2nd.Kate and Kipling,(Excellence).3rd.Liz and Arti.4th.Sue and Tiva.
A different approach to searching and handling shown by many of the teams,some working on lead,some not.Never the less,they were a pleasure to watch.A lovely way to spend an afternoon.

particularly by Milo,leaving Diane in no doubt where the scent was hidden.

Gloria Bonnell

Firstly I’d like to thank Annette Leslie for inviting me to judge, the lovely handlers who made my day enjoyable and lastly my great scribe Julia Reeves. Level 1. I was really impressed with the dogs and handling, some super searches. Nerves did get in the way at times, but on the whole well done everyone. Those not in the rosettes today your turn is just around the corner. 1st Rita Cunningham & Betty. Great little dog, well handled by Rita who allowed Betty to do her job which she did well. Delight to watch, well done. 2nd Caroline Barnard & Nico. Another good search not much to fault. 3rd Sue McAcliffe. 4th Maria Rankin & Truffle. Level 2. 1st John Hearn & Whisper. A pleasure to watch this dog, work, handled really well, good team. 100 points. Also gaining their Excellent today, well deserved. 2nd Kate Osborn & Kipling 99.95. Ive seen this team work before and they did not disappoint me today, good steady scent, great team work. 3rd Sue McAcliffe & Tiva. 4th Liz Burton & Artti.

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