Fri 07 Apr 2023, Marston Moreteyne

Levels 4 & 5: Judges - Harry Latusek

Beancroft Farm, Beancroft Road, Marston Moreteyne, Bedfordshire

Start: L4 briefing 9.30am ; L5 briefing 1pm
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Emma Conlisk

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 5. We had 13 teams competing,a white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.
Interior 1
Half of the main hall adjoining the kitchen area was used for this search
3 hides——3 minutes allocated.
The room was divided across the breadth in the centre by some 8 chairs,these were included.
In a clockwise direction,I placed an early hide half way up behind a radiator,(C).approx 60 cms from ground level.
Number 2 (G) was again placed halfway up a radiator on the right hand wall.
Number 3,(C) was concealed under a ledge,approx 5 cm high,on the left hand side of the room.
A reasonable start to the day,with 8 teams finding all 3 hides.
A number of false alerts here on a hoover,a chair and the bottom of the radiators.
Excellent searching and good indications at source on all 3 hides ,by Alison and Hugo.Also good displays shown by Sharon and Fudge,Helen and Noodle and Lena and Angel.

The patio area adjoining the main hall was used for this search.
6 hides and 4.5 minutes allocated after white dog.
The full perimeter of the patio was used and 4 chairs/ loungers were suitably placed in the centre of the area.
1st hide,(C) early and low on ledge of patio doors.2nd (G) on far wall directly facing start line,in a brick scent wall.3rd.(C)bottom right of alcove,tucked into brick wall.4th (C),moving along the wall some 2 metres, concealed under a ledge,approx 50cms high.5th(G). This was hidden in crack in the brickwork,60cm above ground level.6th (C) moving along the wall some 3 metres in the corner,low in a hole in the brickwork.
2 teams finding all 6 hides with a wonderful display of handling and searching.These were Helen and Noodle,they gave a good display of systematic searching in 3 mins 6 secs,hot on their heels were Alison and Hugo on 3 mins 48 secs.
Others of note here and finding 5 of the hides were,Tracy and Inca,Emily and Becky,Nikki and Peppa,Jane and Jessie and last but not least,getting into the swing of things,were Sara and Meg.

3 hides,2.5 mins allocated after running white dog.
This area consisted of the bottom half of the main hall and into an alcove of shelving containing numerous search items(All clean).
Some tables cupboards were also placed around the perimeter wall.
1st hide(C) low On entering the alcove,on bottom of ledge,5cms high…2nd hide,(G) around the alcove and in the right hand corner ,low on shelving leg.3rd (C).moving on around the alcove,30 cms high under one of the shelving legs.
5 of the teams searching systematically and finding all 3 with ease.Showing how it is to be done was Nikki and Peppa,98 seconds,following on,Charlotte and Blue,99 secs,also good work by Vicky and Brecon and Sharon and Fudge,in some 119 and 123 secs respectively.

A good day all round with 10 qualifying from the 13 teams.All dogs had their moments of glory,a pleasure to watch,the sunshine was a bonus.
Points to note,a number of the dogs were hell bent on searching the floor in both interior and exterior.
Watch the corners,bear in mind the scent plume can be totally different coming from opposte direction.
A number of dogs were content to search low,so perhaps a little practice at high and low searches would be of benefit.
Having said all that,I had a lovely day watching you all,and wish you all the best in your future trials,Hopefully I may be lucky to judge some of you in the future.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day.
1…Alison and Hugo…2…Nicky and Peppa…3…Helen and Noodle…4…Lena and Angel….

Thankyou Emma for inviting me back to Beancroft to judge this level 4 and 5.
A beautiful Sunny day welcomed us all.
We had 10 lovely teams taking part.
The distractions used on the day were Tea and peppermint
Boxes and luggage
14 items were were laid out in equally divided between the boxes and bags.
To immediate right of start a clove scent was hidden in the zip of a small suitcase.To the left of centre the gun oil was secreted in a handbag.
The distractions were placed in 2 boxes placed right and left of the search area.
8 of the teams were successful here with excellent displays by Ulrike and Milo,Rebecca and Freddy,Alison and Hugo and Bernice and Jazz in some 42,44,52 and 79 seconds respectively.
This was set to the rear of the premises a in a large car park area.A length of wall and 2 mini buses were used.
The cloves scent was hidden low,in a crack in the wall near to start line.The gun oil was secreted in the front grill of the second vehicle to the right of the wall.
Seven teams completed the task with reasonable ease.The other 3 finding the wall hide,.
Lovely teamwork here by Helen and Noodle in some 53 seconds.Closely followed home by,Alison and Hugo,Rebecca and Freddie and Ulrike and Milo.
This search was set up in the enclosed patio area adjoining the main hall.
2 small round black cable type holders were used,cloves in the one placed to left rear,the gun oil one to the centre right.
Peppermint and tea distractions were also hidden in 2 of the other articles.
Helen and Noodle again giving a wonderful,and speedy display of lead,finding both in 26 seconds.Hot on their heels once again,Alison and Hugo.
Val and Pip coming into the fore here also with a nice search,finding both hidden scents easily in 37 seconds.
Moving back into the main hall,3 tables were set up,1 across the breadth of the room with the other two adjoining lengthways,8 chairs were placed around them.A further 7 articles were placed around the perimeter.
2 of the perimeter items were woven baskets,these were placed on the right perimeter wall and contained the Tea and peppermint distractions.
The 2 hidden scents were both placed on the tables,1 to the left rear under the table top,the second on the front right table leg.
6 of the teams here having no problem finding both with ease.
Lovely searching shown by,Victoria and Malin,Helen and Noodle,Ulrike and Milo and Rebecca and Freddy.
A lovely enjoyable way to spend a morning,and see the progression these teams have made,having previously judged all of the entrants at some
stage throughout their scent journey.
My congratulations go to the 4 rosette winners on the day,all finishing on the maximum100 points
1…Helen and Noodle….2….Alison and Hugo…3…Ulrike and Milo…4…RoseMary and Harley.
Helen and Noodle taking 3 minutes 42 seconds to find all 8 scents ,bearing in mind the time allotted is 20 minutes…WOW…..
I wish you all the best in your future trials and hopefully,our paths will cross again at some stage.


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