Fri 13 Mar 2020, Honley

Level 5: Judge - Harry Latusek
WA = Wrong Alerts (4 = elimination)P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
1JENNY DYER - JETHRO5010024040101103010380120300150388
2JAN MARTIN - AMBER50100298401015030101140120300150562
3YVONNE CARPENTER - DRAC4000300140101403010901110200130530
4GLORIA BONNELL - JADE14000300401016130101191110200130580
5CHRISTINE CUMMINGS - TEASLE15010018040100.1182100.51501100200.6119.4512

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

A big thankyou to Tracey for inviting me along to Judge their first ever level 5 trial at Honely,West Yorkshire,or should I say,Gods Country..
It was a lovely sunny day and a venue to match,set within the grounds of Holmfirth Harriers.A Thankyou also to my scribe and timekeeper,Bianca and Nikki,also a wee mention for our runners,Eric and Tracey and not forgetting the lovely Pauline,our whizz kid on the computer.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.
Seven teams took part in the trial,which included two small pugs,for this reason all scents were placed at a reasonable height to accommodate them.
Interior 1
This was carried out in a large hall,having within it,several climbing frames,pipes,benches and doorways.I also laid out some 4 chairs and a few loose articles in the centre of the room.5 scents,consisting of gun oil and cloves were used.I concealed 2 in the rungs of the climbing frames,1 on a large air con pipe,1 under a bench and 1 on the bottom of a chair leg.
Lovely searching all round by the teams,3 being successful in finding all 5.These were,Christine and Teasle,Jenny and Jethro and finally,Jan and Amber,finding the last scent with 2 seconds to spare.Phew !!! Gloria and Jade and Yvonne and Drac closely following,finding 4.

This was held around the side and rear of the building.The area was marked out,and consisted of fire doors,steps,a large shipping container and numerous large breeze blocks,strategically placed within the search area.I hid 3 clove scents,1 in the bottom of the fire doors,1 at the base of the shipping container,the 3rd I hid half way along the container,some 12” from the ground.Four of the teams were successful in finding all 3.Excellent searching and indications given by,Jenny and Jethro,Gloria and Jade, Jan and Amber and Yvonne and Drac.This lovely dog makes me smile,squeeking and muttering away when he is at source.Proper doggy talk,having said that Yvonne matched him with a little muttering of her own.

Interior 2
This was held in a foyer come locker room and included the gents toilet area.1 Gun and 3 Truffle oil being the chosen scents used.1 was hidden in the gents loos,on a radiator handle,1 on the underside of a door to the right,1 in the seam of one of the lockers and finally 1 in the seam of a door facing the start line,at the far end of the search area.All teams,with the exception of one,who found 2, were successful here in finding all 4.Lovely searching by all of the teams but leading the way with a beautiful methodical search were,Jenny and Jethro.
It was my pleasure to watch all of the teams working in harmony,and the strong
bond between dogs and handlers was plain to see.
A very fruitful day indeed for Jenny and Jethro,(1st) and Jan and Amber,(2nd).both finishing on the maximum points,placings being decided on time.
Likewise with Yvonne and Drac,(3rd).and Gloria and Jade,(4th),both only missing one hide,their placings also decided on time.
It was a lovely way to spend my day,watching you all at this nice venue in the Yorkshire sunshine,with such hospitable hosts.
I wish you all the very best in your future trials,and hope to meet some of you,if not all,at sometime in the future.

We were a little nervous about running our first Level 5, but our judge Harry Latusek kept us all calm. The weather was kind for Yorkshire and we even got a little bit of sunshine for the external search.

Big thanks to Harry for judging our first level 5 and putting us all at ease. His helpers were Nikki Hodgson looking after the stopwatch and Bianca Schofield scribing both doing a fantastic job again. Our other helpers, Pauline on the computer and Eric doing the running (well sort of a fast walking!), made the trials managers job easy.

Our competitors were great, some super dogs and handlers and everybody in the right place at the right time made the day run very smoothly. Thank you to everyone and well done to the five qualifiers, especially our first place Jenny Dyer and Jethro and our own qualifier Yvonne Carpenter and Drac. Thank you to everyone that made our first Level 5 a success and I hope you all enjoyed your day.

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