Fri 13th Dec 2019, Honley

Levels 1 & 2: Judges L1 - Linda Newbold and Eric Carpenter,
L2 - Yvonne and Eric Carpenter
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Jayne Rebecca Freddy204.7518205520518205499.7545
2Nelson Julie Rocco205172054620550204.75799.75120
3Ballard Louise Jax2051720557204.5782051099.5162
4James Pauline Zonda204.75332055120546204.753699.5166
5Hagger Tony Finn204.7517205720517204.51499.2555
6Shelbourne Sue Finn2051720577204.550204.752999.25173
7Hunt Mandy Mac2052620519204137205899190
8Hodgson Nikki Rio204.753920512204882052698.75165
9Waite David Vinnie204.753505155205322054679.75268
10Jubb Elaine Jack204.7531204.75660521204.254078.75158
Level 2
1Neale Julie Wren2053320542205612032498160
2Tracey Eaton Bronte204.97620476205461051388.9211
3Lesley Steeden Ben104.33210545205382049878.3213

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Yvonne Carpenter

Level 2 T&C and B&L Report.
Only a small entry, but three very good qualifiers. Two were awarded their Level 2 excellent awards and the third competitor is also more than ready to compete in Level 3. For hand!ING marks, I was looking for dog and handler working as a team, with the handler not getting in the dogs way nor restricting the dog working the way it worked. Nice positive handling from everyone with advantage taken of the opportunity to give good rewards – always a plus in my book.

Yvonne Carpenter

Trials Manager’s Report.
The day started off well with nice, dry weather but half way through Level 1 and for all of Level 2, Judges and competitors were battling with the elements. Linda Newbold and Eric Carpenter kindly judged Level 1, and Eric and myself judged Level 2. We had excellent offers of help from Competitors who came early or stayed late to scribe and assist in the other level. Our excellent scribes (Tracey, David, Bianca and Louise) were “shadowed” by newcomers to Scentwork (Elaine and Meryll) who are now trained ready for our next trial! Thanks to everyone else who helped out, particularly Linda, who after judging the Level 1 also acted as a very efficient runner for Level 2. Our competitors were brilliant, made sure Judges weren’t kept waiting and were perfect visitors to our venue – thank you and I hope you all enjoyed your day.

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