Fri 17 Jan 2020, Ashton

Levels 2 & 4: Judges - Sue Abbott-Dixon and Janet Wykes
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Anne Glennon - Missy205552053920536.6320559100189.63
2Stacey Robinson - Ghost205702054020536.9720543100189.97
3Val Russell - Del205972054520535.9420546100223.94
4Rita Banfather - Elliott204.951282052820574.412055799.95287.41
5Emma Rebbetts - Murphy204.5892053320564.82054099.5226.8
6Val Isherwood - Trio204.512620550204.8215.942054199.3432.94
7Julie Thomas - Sassy204.4517420565204.7150.452054599.15434.45
8Lena Stenton - Angel204.35150204.973204.7125.53204.954898.9396.53
9Chris Williams - Barley204.9591204.974204.81222006694.65353
10Jackie Lawer - Dart104.85620541205120.6220510489.8321.62
11Stefanie Healey - Hank204.35119204.86610597.93204.957389.1355.93
12Diane Barry - Milo10418020585204.7229.312057188.7565.31
Level 4
1Stacey Robinson - Bella2051062053620511420542100298
2Nicky Dunhill - Zak205852054120525204.911399.9264
3Caroline Bannard - Mr Wilson205106205119205153204.912999.9507
4Rachael Fox - Logan Berry205237205127104.95191104.759679.7651
5Ingrid Neale - Teazle205166104.4124204.95197104.7514879.1635
6John Hearn - Skip205182204.852161043001055578.85753
7Ann Vellenoweth - Rosalie104.75113204.65114204.5143104.519778.4567
8Jackie Lawer - Tarn205115103.5241204.75126104.96378.15545
9Jean Payne - Otti205191204.570104.512704.751468.75402
10Val Isherwood - Heike04300204137103300104.757755.75814

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Sue Abbott-Dixon

Thank you for asking me to Judge Becky. This was a lovely venue.
I was outside for the morning.
Level 4.
All dogs worked the area really well, and there were some lovely indications on the Frogs Bottom.
The vehicle search proved a little more tricky , but Bella did a lovely search, and Zak, Well, all my notes say for Zak is … “thats the way to do it…. Amazeballs!!”
I have to echo all Janet said really.
Well done everyone, it was a lovely morning watching you all, despite the rain.

I was inside for the afternoon.
Level 2.
Chairs and Perimeter.
There were some lovely searches here, but I have to mention Missy, Del, and Ghost who were faultless, all tracking to the scents beautifully.
Boxes and luggage.
I was blown away by the teams here. Historically this element can be carnage, with boxes not fairing well!. NOT TODAY. Wow. I think all dogs found all scents, and I have never handed out so many 5s , really brilliant guys, you should all be very pleased with your performances.

Many thanks to Becky Harris for inviting me to co-judge the level 4 and 2 trials with Sue Abbott-Dixon at Ashton. Special thanks to my scribes Diane, Emma and John who did a fantastic job as well as being great company; and also Ella who ensured the trial ran smoothly and everyone was in the right place at the right time.

Level 4
Boxes and Luggage
The level 4 trial ran in the morning with ten teams competing. I had the interior searches and we started with boxes and luggage where the gun oil was placed in a side pocket of a small leather handbag towards the centre of the room, and the clove was placed in the handle of a large suitcase towards the back of the room. The distraction scents were placed in a small orange box (tea) and a leather bag (vanilla). It was great to see that there was no interest in the distraction scents from any dogs in this search – well done.
Of the ten teams, three managed to locate both odours correctly – well done to Nicky & Zak, Caroline & Mr Wilson, and Stacey & Bella. The odour that was missed the most was the gun oil in the handbag. This item appeared to be a bit of a blind spot for a few handlers, and on several occasions the handler could be seen to block this scent from their dog, by placing themselves between the handbag and the dog, as they worked their dog around the outside articles.

Table and Chairs & Perimeter
In this search both odours were placed around the perimeter with gun oil in a door frame at the back of the room, and cloves in a pocket zip on a golf bag at the very start of the perimeter. The distraction scents were placed on a chair (vanilla), and in a hazard sign on the perimeter (tea). Again, all dogs ignored the distraction scents. Of the ten teams competing, eight teams found both odours – Rachel & Loganberry, Jackie & Tarn, Nicky & Zak, Ingrid & Teazle, Jean & Otti, Caroline & Mr Wilson, John & Skip, and Stacey & Bella. It was a shame that some handlers were not expecting to find the scent in the door frame, and several actually initially called their dogs away from this find.

This was a lovely trial to be able to judge, and it was great to see so many happy dogs and lots of praise from handlers, well done everyone.
Congratulations to:
Stacey & Bella – 1st Place. A fantastic team and Bella was super focused on the job working to source beautifully on each find – well done, a lovely team to watch.
Nicky & Zak – 2nd Place. Great searching and it was lovely to see how Zak knocked the scent and worked back to the source
Caroline & Mr Wilson – 3rd Place. Some lovely thorough searching from Mr Wilson, and it was great to watch how Caroline influenced Mr Wilson’s movement around the search area through her body language.
Rachel & Loganberry– 4th Place. A lovely partnership, that worked really nicely together to ensure they found both perimeter finds in the second search.

Level 2
The afternoon level 2 trial had twelve competitors. This time I had the exterior searches and although very cold we were lucky it stayed dry.

We started with the vehicle search and the scents were hidden in a front wheel nut on the farthest right car, and a wheel nut on the rear of the middle car. The start cone was in the middle of the line-up and a lot of competitors chose to start with the furthest left unscented car. Well done to those of you whose dogs actually picked up odour to the right of the start line and allowed your dogs to choose the direction of travel. There were some great times in this search, and eleven competitors found both finds. Whilst a few of the dogs were a little distracted by the environment, it was great to watch you all work hard to refocus them onto the search. A special mention to Anne & Missy, Emma & Murphy, Stacey & Ghost, Jackie & Dart, Rita & Elliott, and Val & Del who received full handling marks in this search.

For the exterior search the scents were hidden in the lid of a small plastic crate, and in the coils of an extension lead. All twelve competitors found both finds with Anne & Missy, Emma & Murphy, Julie & Sassy, Stacey & Ghost, Val & Trio, Jackie & Dart, Diane & Milo, Rita & Elliott, and Val & Del also receiving full handing marks.

The standard of competitors in this level 2 was extremely high, and there was the smallest differentiation in time between 1st and 2nd place. Well done to each and every one of you, and I look forward to seeing you all continue to progress on your Scentwork journey

Congratulations to:
Anne & Missy – 1st Place and Excellent Rosette. This was a delightful team to watch and Anne read Missy beautifully, well done
Stacey & Ghost – 2nd Place. What a day for Stacey with 2 placings. Lovely handling of ghost, with Stacey recognising when Ghost had picked up odour and letting her work quietly to source.
Val & Del – 3rd Place. What a lovely team this was, with Val demonstrating some lovely handling skills – well done
Rita & Elliott – 4th Place. Some lovely searches. Elliot has a superb nose and a really nice indication. It was lovely to see him so enthusiastic to search.

Janet Wykes

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