Fri 18 Feb 2022, Nuneaton

Levels 3 & 4: Judges - Harry Latusek, Rita Cunningham, & Jo Hickman

Nuneaton Dog Training Club, Old Hinckley Road, Nunaton, CV11 4FT

Start: 10am & 1.30pm
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Gloria Bonnell

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou to Gloria Bonnell for inviting me along to co judge a level 4 along side Harry Latusek.Thankyou to my scribe Linda Treadwell for all your help and to the runners , also the helpers who kept us supplied with hot drinks.
A white dog was used prior to all searches. I had the exterior searches…Vehicle search, 3 cars ..scents were put on 1st and 3rd car…Exterior search 15 items, scents were placed on a log in the middle of search area and on pot handle at the back left..clever and gun oil used along with 2 distraction scents 1 coffee and 1 vanilla.
The teamwork and searching were of a high standard with some really good handling in fifficilt conditions..
Congratulations to all the qualifiers , especially the top 4…Diane with Lily, Jane with Skipper , Rita with Betty and Rebecca with Marvel.
The weather wasn’t kind to us, well done to everyone who took part and kept going, coping amazingly well through the rain, cold and blustery wind..You have my admiration.

Firstly Thank you to my Judges Harry Latusek Rita Cunningham and Jo Hickman. Scribes Julia Reeves, Gill Smith & Linda Treadwell. And of cause not forgetting the fantastic helpers. As the trial day arrived it brought with it really nasty weather, I decided to continue with the trial to save disappointment for competitors, which I was glad I did, as the grounds were well protected and it turned out a great trial, even with the showers, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the entrants and dogs and the judges were impressed with some really good searches. Refreshments were available along with tea & coffee, free to all.

A Thankyou to Gloria Bonnell for inviting me along to Nuneaton to co judge a level 3 and 4 trial,alongside my co judges of the day,Rita Cunningham and Jo Hickman.A Thankyou 2 my scribes,Gill Smith and Julia Reeves,you both did a wonderful job.
A white dog was used prior to the commencement of all searches.
I was tasked with judging the interior searches.

Level 3
Boxes and Luggage
I laid out some 14 items,made up equally of boxes and bags
I hid the relevant scents in the buckles of 2 bags,placing these , one to the left of the room and the other near to the start line.
The bag near to the start line holding the gun oil scent, proved to be a little difficult, with only 4 of the 11 teams finding both scents.
Excellent searching by Dawn and Chance,finding both in some 36 seconds,good patience shown by Julia,waiting whilst little Dandy thoroughly investigated the items alongside the 2 scented ones.
I set up the tables and chairs centrally in the room,placing a cloves scent underneath a chair to the left.The gun oil scent was hidden underneath a wall socket to the left of the room.9 of the 11 teams successfully finding both with relative ease.Good handling and searching all round,worthy of a mention are Rebecca and Freddy,leading the way in some 46 seconds,closely followed by Dawn and Chance in some 55 seconds.
Some lovely handling and searching throughout the trial,they were a pleasure to judge.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners….1..Dawn and Chance,100 points…,2..Julia and Dandy,(excellence)..3.. Barbara and Lola…4.Rosemary and Berti..

Level 4
Following a short break we commenced the afternoon with the level 4 trial.Once again I was tasked with the interior searches.

I placed the cloves scent underneath and towards the front of a chair,placing this at its furthest point away from the start.I used a distraction scent of almond oil,placing this inside a plastic toy to the front right of the search area.The gun oil scent I secreted underneath a socked on the left hand wall,approx 2’ from the ground .
Lovely searching all round with 9 of the 10 teams finding both.Good teamwork shown by Linda and Fletcher,Diane and Lilly and Jane and Skipper,all finding both in some,36,39 and 62 seconds respectively.

I hid the cloves scent in the buckle of a black computer bag,placing this to the left of the area.The gun oil,I hid inside the fastening flap of a handbag,placing this centrally,immediately in front of the start line.Almond distraction scent was used,being placed inside an open bag to the front right.8 of the 9 teams successfully found both scents.
The teamwork and standard of searching by the dogs was to be admired.No false calls throughout on the distraction scents.
Leading the way home in some 3O seconds were Rebecca and Marvel,very closely followed by Jane and Skipper in 31 seconds and Linda and Fletcher in 34 seconds.
A good all round scent display.My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners….1… Diane and Lilly…2…Jane and Skipper…3..Rita and Betty…4..Rebecca and Marvel..
I wish you all the best in your future trials and hope to meet up again with some,if not all of you at some stage….

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