Fri 18 Nov 2022, Nuneaton

Level 3: Judges - Mary Allen & Rita Cunningham

Nuneaton Dog Training Club Old Hinckley Road, Nuneaton CV10 0AA

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Gloria Bonnell

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Rita Cunningham

Thank you Gloria Bonnell for inviting me to judge this L3 and also for organising the whole day so successfully. Also to everyone who contributed to making the day a success. Special thanks goes to Dawn Tranter for being an excellent scribe.

I judged firstly the exterior search, where 4 teams successfully found both scents. Nice work and well done to John Werret and Apollo for good searching and the quickest time in finding both items (79 secs). White dog successfully found both articles before the teams ran.

I then judged the Boxes and Luggage, where only 2 teams successfully located both scents, well done to Anita Hillier and to Lisa Boffey (who was fastest at 83 secs). White dog successfully found both articles before the teams ran.

Big well done to Anita Hillier & Lacey for working so well together and coming 1st! Also to Lisa & Snoop in 2nd place, Rebecca & Myrtle in 3rd and Linda & Izzy in 4th.

Thanks to all the teams for competing in good spirit.

Thank you for inviting me to judge level 3 congratulations to Anita Hillier on coming 1st to Lisa Boffey coming 2nd to Rebbecca Grant coming 3rd to Lunda Treadwell coming 4th and to all the others who competed special thanks to Harry for scribing well done every one

It was a pleasure to be TM and run the Level 3. The weather was kind to us after all the rain. Although the grass was very wet, so I organised the outside searches on the car park. It was shielded by windbreaks and cars so quite secure.
There was an entry of 11 and we managed to be finished by lunchtime. I’d like to thank the Judges Rita Cunningham and Mary Allen for giving their time, and the Scribes, runners and helpers, also Keith Clowes for doing the scoring. Without all of you there would be no Trial. Lastly to the lovely friendly exhibitors, your thanks and enjoyment makes it all worthwhile.

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