Fri 19 Aug 2022, Marston Moreteyne

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Harry Latusek & Keith Clowes

Beancroft Farm, Beancroft Road, Marston Moreteyne Bedfordshire MK430QE

Start: L1 9.30am, L2 1.30pm
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Emma Conlisk

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 1
Vehicle search
A cloves scent was hidden underneath the bodywork,on the front drivers side of the vehicle.The vehicle was facing the start line.
An excellent start to the day with 14 of the participating teams finding the scent with ease.
We had some lovely handling and worthy of note were….Janice and Robert showing all the way home in some 15 seconds,closely followed by Hayley and Brodie,Margaret and Bessie and Marianne and Nutmeg,in 19,23 and 23 seconds respectively.
This search was held in the lovely secure paved patio area adjoining the main hall.
14 items were laid out,the 3 named items were a silver coloured stool,a blue scooter and a yellow plastic toolbox,which contained the hidden scent.
An excellent display all round here by all of the teams.
Some super fast times of 6,7 11 and 14 seconds were shown by ,Laura and Mungo,Helen and Noodle,Channing and Bailey and Sue and Puffin.
A lovely way to spend a morning and a very high standard shown by all 15 entrants.
We had 7 on the maximum score.
I wish you all the the very best in your future trials.

Level 2
I swapped places with my co-judge Keith in the afternoon,taking on the interior searches.
We had 20 teams competing .
I laid out 14 items equally of boxes/Bags in the main hall
The scents were hidden in a bag to the left of the search area and a box to the front right.
To easy for these up and coming dogs,with 19 of the teams being successful the other finding only 1.
A lovely display by all of the dogs and good handling skills show by all.
Half of the teams finding both hidden scents in under 30 seconds.
2 tables and 8 chairs were set up in a square pattern in the centre of the room.
9 items were placed around the perimeter.
The scents were concealed under a chair to the right of the start line,and on an item placed centrally on the floor,along the left hand wall.
17 of the 20 teams were successful in finding both with the remaining 3 finding 1.
Some lovely searching and handling shown all round once again.Showing the way home in 19 seconds,were Louise and Nell,followed closely home by,Helen and Noodle,27 secs,Sue and Harley,31 secs and Sue and Voodoo,33 secs.

The standard was very high all round,it was my pleasure to judge you all.
I look forward to seeing some,if not all of you,at sometime in the future.

Judges report by Keith Clowes.
Level 1 & 2 competition at Marston Moreteyne the 19th Aug 2022.

Emma Conlisk trial manager kindly asked Harry Latusek and myself to judge the level 1 & 2 trial.

Level 1
For this trial, I first judged the Table & Chairs. I placed the scent on the base of the chair near the back middle area. There was some really good handling and searching. There was 2 really quick times by Michele with Cocoa and Hayley with Brodie.

Next, I judged the Boxes and Luggage. I placed the scent on a box at the back end of the search items. Again, we had some really good handling and searches. We also had some fast finds; the quickest time was by Laura with Mungo. I would like to congratulate the following who were the top 4:

1st. Hayley Woodley with Brodie and they also received her excellence award
2nd. Sue White with Puffin
3rd. Laura Carter with Mungo and they also received her excellence award
4th. Helen Alison with Noodle and they also received her excellence award

I would also like to complement all the others that qualified. Having spoken with the other judge, Harry, we commented on how high the standard throughout the trial was. I would like thank my scribe Wendy for her help for the level 1 trial.

Level 2
For this trial my first search was the exterior items search. I placed 1 scent in a log near the back of the search area and I placed the 2nd scent in a rubbish sack holder at the front of the search items. There was some excellent handling and really fast times, the quickest was by Helen with Noodle.

Next, I did the Wall. I placed one scent about a third of the way down the wall in a hole about 2 feet high. The next scent I placed in a crack near the end of the wall at a hight of 6 inches. By this time the weather was beginning to get hot but all the dogs and handlers coped well. Again, there was some extremely excellent handling and dog searching. In this search Louise with Nova produced an extremely fast time, well done. I would like to congratulate the following who were the top 4:

1st. Louise Grant with Nell
2nd. Val Hemmings with Pip
3rd. Helen Allison with Noodle
4th. Janice Blake with Nigel

Well done to all who qualified and thank you to all the competitors for being a great bunch. Many thanks to Jill my fantastic scribe for Level 2 trial.

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