Fri 19th Apr 2019, Wellington

Level 1: Judge - Faye Sparkes

1 Steph Randall – Freya – 100
2 Kate Rapley – Rafiki – 100
3 Sally Howarth – Cali – 100
4 Joanna Williams – Cuba – 99.75
5 Pat Poynter – Metz – 99.75
6 Debra Cassidy – Buddy – 98.75
7 Carolyn Fry – Tica – 98
8 Lesley Hughes – Gem – 79.75
9 Pat Somerset – Tilly – 79.5
10 Peggy Briscoe – Ben – 79.5
11 Stephen Ellis – Florence – 78.75
12 Lynne Humphries – Tripp – 74.75

I agreed to “manage” this trial for Pat Somerset to see if the venue was suitable for scentwork uk trials and I think everyone who attended would agree that it worked very well.

Faye Sparkes our judge set hides appropriate to a level 1 with several first time competitors and did an excellent job of putting people at ease, so thank you Faye for your time.

First time scribe Jean and first time runner Ann were both excellent and genuinely enjoyed their day. Ann’s help with the totting up and working out the placings at the end was appreciated especially as neither of us had a calculator, good old pen and paper, we did have the odd giggle and it was a good job there were two of us double checking each others maths. Anyway it all worked out well in the end.

Lastly a big thank you to the competitors and I hope you all enjoyed your day.

Pippa Bentham

Trials manager

A lovely trial was held at Wellington on Good Friday.

All competitors did well. And the dogs worked well. I hope everyone had a good day and took on the advice for future trials and classes. To advance your scentwork knowledge.

I would like to say thank you to Jean for being my scribe. And Ann for being a runner getting competitors to the correct places.

The venue worked well for this Level 1 trial, thank you for Pat for hosting this trial and asking me to judge. Along with Pippa for being trial manager.

Faye Sparkes

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1Steph Randall – Freya205232051120516205810058
2Kate Rapley – Rafiki20545205132055220519100129
3Sally Howarth – Cali20530205282055720531100146
4Joanna Williams – Cuba20550204.7554205212056299.75187
5Pat Poynter – Metz20521204.7544205972056599.75227
6Debra Cassidy – Buddy204.7562204.535204.51312056698.75294
7Carolyn Fry – Tica204.5152204.551204.5148204.57698427
8Lesley Hughes – Gem204.75822052620522052979.75159
9Pat Somerset – Tilly2051304.7525204.75702054179.5149
10Peggy Briscoe – Ben2054204.521205362055279.5151
11Stephen Ellis – Florence204.573204.51330570204.754678.75322
12Lynne Humphries – Tripp00180204.7521205412051574.75257

West Buckland village Hall, Silver Street, West Buckland, Wellington, TA21 9NA

9.00am – 4.00pm
Entry Fees: £21 per dog. Entries capped at 15. Only one dog per handler.
Contact: Pat Somerset 07709 861575
Download Entry Form to book a place.