Fri 24 Feb 2023, Nuneaton

Levels 1 & 6:
Judges - L1 Keith Clowes & Mary Allen, L6 Harry Latusek

Nuneaton Dog Training Club Old Hinckley Road Nuneaton CV10 0AA

Start: L6 – 10am, L1 – 1pm
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Gloria Bonnell

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou Gloria Bonnell for inviting me along to judge this level 6 trial.A big Thankyou also to my scribe on the day,Julia Reeves and my runner Sonia Pidhajeckyi.
Awhile dog was used prior to all searches commencing.
We had 6 teams competing.
This was set up to left of the main building in an area set behind the toilets.
I used 1 vehicle as part of the search ,on which I concealed 2 of the hidden scents,one in the front grill(G), and the second on the near side sill between front and rear doors(G).
The third(C) I hid underneath a step on a large trailer,number four (T),I concealed on the opposite side of the trailer behind the mudguard. Last but not least, a cloves scent was hidden underneath a hinge on an adjoining gate.
4 minutes was allocated.
Lovely searching here by Jo and Dolly and Paula and Bonnie Jazz,both finding all 5 hidden scents,Paula calling the final one in unison with the scribe calling time.Talk about living on the edge.
Interior One
This was set up in the main hall,consisting of the perimeter,(doors,seats,skirting,bench).Numerous other items were scattered across the centre of the search area.
I chose an early hide on the leg of a seat immediately to the left of the start.(C) The second (T), I concealed under the skirting at the end of the same wall by a doorway to the exterior.Number 3,(C) was hidden under the arm of a large wooden bench,and number 4(T) was concealed on the leg of a chair to right,and end of the search area perimeter.
All hides were found but no team found all.
The 2 causing the most problem were the early hide and the truffle under the skirting board.
We had three teams find 3 of the hides,two found 2 and the remaining dog found 1.
Interior Two
This area consisted of a large commercial kitchen sited at the end of the main hall.
3 hides were placed out here consisting of 1 of each of gun,truffle and cloves.
One was placed at the bottom and inside a cupboard door,another in the utensil drawer of a cooker,to the left of the search area.
Also to the far left,number 3 was hidden underneath a cupboard door.
Lovely systematic searching here by Jo and Dolly,( 81 secs),and Paula and Bonnie Jazz,(130 secs).
These were the only 2 teams to find all 3 hidden scents.
Some lovely searching and handling was displayed throughout the morning,all of the teams at some point had their moments of glory.
We had 2 qualifiers on the day and my congratulations go to…..
1…Jo and Dolly…..2 ….Paula and Bonnie Jazz.
I wish you all the best in your future trials….

Excellent searching here byJo and Dolly and Paula and Bonnie Jazz,finding all 5 hides,

Judges report by Keith Clowes.
Level 1 competition at Nuneaton Dog Club on the 24th Feb 2023.

Gloria Bonnell trial manager kindly asked Jo Hickman and myself to judge the level 1 trial.

Level 1
For this trial, I first judged the car. I placed the scent on the rear offside wheel. There was some really good handling and searching. There was 2 very quick times by Diane with Skye and Sue with Katie.

Next, I judged the Boxes and Luggage. I placed the scent on a bag at the back end of the search items. Again, we had some really good handling and searches. We also had some fast finds; the two with the quickest times was Ingrid with Burt and Elaine with Pip I would like to congratulate the following:

1st. Angela Harbidge with Watson
2nd. Janet Sims with Madge
3rd. Elaine Jubb with Pip
4th. Tom Halkett with Baxter

I would also like to complement all the others that qualified. Having spoken with the other judge, Jo, we commented on how high the standard throughout the trial was. Also what a lovely bunch you all were. I would like thank my fantastic scribe, Linda.

Thanks to Gloria Bonnell for inviting me co judge with Keith Clowes the level 1 trial and also for organising another successful, friendly well run day.
Thanks to everyone who helped to make the day a success. Special thanks to Julia Reeve for being my excellent scribe.
I judged tables and chairs first, some lovely handling and searching but a few rushed it resulting in 5 false alerts.
I then judged the exterior search with again some good handling ,searching the whole area not just the 3 items.. some very quick times by those dogs off lead with Angela’s Watson finding the hide in 6. 5 seconds..amazing
Congratulations to.
1. Angela Hambidge and Watson
2.Janet Sims and Madge
3.Elaine Jubb and Pip
4.Tom Halkett and Baxter
Well done to everyone who took part, it was a pleasure to see you start your scentwork journey and I hope to see you again soon.

As TM it always a pleasure to see smiling faces and people enjoying working with their dogs. I’d like to thank those entrants for showing their appreciation to me for organising a well run, friendly trial.
All TM’s know how much work goes on pre trial which often gets overlooked, so any appreciation shown goes a long way.
Thank you to Judges Harry Latusek L6, Keith Clowes & Jo Hickman L1. To the Scribes, runners and helpers on the day, it all helps to run a successful Trial.
I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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