Fri 24 Jan 2020, Wellingborough

Level 5: Judge - Ali Brannen
WA = Wrong Alerts (4 = elimination)P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
1Melanie Goble - Rowan040100137140100.5111040100.52141120301149462
2Belinda Zorab - Miage04010020803000.5240040100880110200.5129.5536
3Kelly Harris - Zoe04010021003000.52400401001590110200.5129.5609
4Jane Ellis - Febe14010120413001240040100632110202128507
5Jan Martin - Amber0300124013000.25240040100931100101.25108.75573
6Lynda Stangle - Magic13001.524003000.5240040100961100102108576
7Alan Clancy - Rhum13001.524003000.52400401001191100102108599
8Gloria Bonnell - Jade1200124013000.25240040100190290101.2598.75670
9Jayne Nicholson - Salvo120022402300124004010014739010397627

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Trial managers report 24th Jan 2020 Wellingborough Rugby Club

Level 5 trial today. Rather cold but at least it was dry.

Thank you to Ali Brannen for being a superb judge and setting a really good level 5 trial. Also thank you to Helen Kennedy for scribing and Hazell Williamson for running.

So lovely to be able to watch these dogs moving up the levels. Most dogs had previously worked at a level 5 but for a couple it was a first time. Chatting to everyone in the car park it was lovely to hear great feedback on how much they were enjoying this level.

Always a pleasure to be able to award an excellent rosette. Melanie Goble and Rowan received theirs today and very well deserved.

The field was rather muddy but as the rugby club has so much space all dogs were able to get in some exercise.

I look forward to welcoming you all again to Wellingborough.

Marianne – trial manager

Judges Report – Level 5

First off I would like to thank Marianne for asking me to judge this trial. Thanks also to Helen Kennedy for scribing and to Hazell Williamson for being the runner for the day.

We started with the interior 1 search which was held in the bar area of this rugby club. 4 hides were placed and they were from left to right, Bottom of a pillar, corner of a bench, pair of boots in a corner and the front edge of a table. Out of a field of 12 teams, 5 teams found all 4 hides and they were Kelly & Zoe, Belinda & Miage, Melanie & Rowan, Emma & Danny and Jane & Febe. 3 teams found 3 hides and they were Alan & Rhum, Lynda & Magic and Jan & Amber. 4 teams found 2 hides and they were Cath & Dana, Linda & Elsa, Jayne & Salvo and Gloria & Jade. The most missed hide was the boot with only 7 teams finding this.

Next was the exterior search which was held in the rugby stands. 4 hides were placed in this area and they were from left to right the inside front wall of the stands, a large metal beam, up the stairs to the opposite metal beam and back down the stairs to just inside the start of the area. 9/12 teams found all 4 and they were Jan & Amber, Lynda & Magic, Gloria & Jade, Jane & Febe, Melanie & Rowan, Belinda & Miage, Kelly & Zoe, Jayne & Salvo and Alan & Rhum. 1/12 found 3 hides and that was Linda & Elsa. 1/12 teams found 2 and that was Emma & Danny and 1/12 teams found 1 which was Cath & Dana. There was no particular hide that seemed to cause a problem on this search.

Lastly it was the last interior search which was held in a changing room. The hides from left to right were leg of a bench, bottom foot of a physio couch, side of interior door and a gap in a cupboard wall at the start of the area. 2/12 teams found all 4 and they were Cath & Dana and Melanie & Rowan. 9/12 teams found 3 and they were Alan & Rhum, Belinda & Miage, Gloria & Jade, Jan & Amber, Jane & Febe, Jayne & Salvo, Kelly & Zoe, Linda & Elsa, and Lynda & Magic. 1/12 teams were unsuccessful in this search and withdrew. By far the most missed hide was the interior door, with only 3 teams finding this and that was Belinda & Miage, Cath & Dana and Melanie & Rowan. My theory (for what its worth) is that the scent was pooling by the bench that was about 6″ from the door edge, (there was also a large open shower room behind this door and the door had a 3″ gap under it). So although all dogs picked up odour here, unless they were “detailed” into that area they seemed to find it hard to get to source.

So congratulations to Melanie Goble & Rowan for 1st place and her excellent award, 2nd Place to Belinda Zorab & Miage, 3rd Place to Kelly Harris & Zoe and 4th place to Jane Ellis & Febe. Qualifiers (In no particular order) Alan Clancy & Rhum, Jayne Nicholson & Salvo, Gloria Bonnell & Jade, Lynda Stangle & Magic and Jan Martin & Amber.

The standard of some of the handling was exceptionally high which was clear to see by how the teams worked throughout this trial and by the high scores of those teams. Also some really nice dogs which are always a pleasure to watch. Well done to all who took part today, keep up the training and I hope to see you all in the future.

All hides were as per Scentwork UK guidelines and a white dog was used “blind” over all areas.

Ali Brannen

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