Fri 26 May 2023, Wichenford

Levels 1: Judges - Harry Latusek

Wichenford Memorial Hall, Wichenford, Worcestershire, WR6 6XY

Start: 09:30 am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Pauline Whittaker
– Tel: 07595710767

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou Pauline for inviting me along to judge this level 1 trial .
It was a lovely morning and we had some 9 teams competing.
A white dog was used prior to All searches commencing.

2 tables and 8 chairs were laid out in the main hall in a square pattern.The cloves scent was hidden under the furthest away chair from the startline.
No problems here for our 9 teams,all finding the hide with ease.
Nice searching by,Hazel and Jake,Brenda and Mabel and Rebecca and Storm,in some 18,22 and 22 seconds respectively.

This was sited on tarmac to the left of the main building.
The scent was concealed in the radiator grill,low and front left.
Nice display all round with all teams being successful,Joanna and Nyx leading the way home in 11 seconds.

12 items were laid out in the main hall.
The cloves scent was secreted under the flap of a black bag and placed to the right rear.
A bit of a mix here with only 4 of the teams successfully identifying the correct bag.
Excellent handling and searching by,Heather and Phoebe,Phillip and Wilma and Rebecca and Storm.

The items were laid out on tarmac/paving to the left of the building.
The 3 items were pointed out to the handlers in turn, and the scent was hidden in a yellow box,placed to the right rear of the area.
All but 1 of the teams were successful here.
Well done to,Joanna and Nyx,Juliette and Zeus and Rebecca and Storm All picking up the scent directly from the start line in 5,6 and 7 seconds…WOW..
Well done everyone,it was nice to see some new faces and new dogs.
It was my pleasure to judge you all and hopefully I will see some,if not all of you,at sometime in the future.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day…

1…Rebecca and Storm…2…Heather and Phoebe…3…Phillip and Wilma…4… Brenda and Mabel.

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