Fri 27 Jan 2023, Nuneaton

Level 2: Judges - Harry Latusek & Jo Hickman

Nuneaton Dog Training Club Old Hinckley Road, Nuneaton CV10 0AA

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Gloria Bonnell

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

It was my pleasure to be TM for this trial. Thank you Keith Clewes for doing the scoring. I’d also like to thank judges Harry Latusek and Jo Hickman and the scribes, runners, and the many helpers who helped to make the day a success.
Outside searches were on the Carpark as our field was very muddy.
The search area was secured with wind breaks and cars.
Thank you all entrants for entering and being a friendly group of people.

Thank you to Gloria for inviting me to co judge the level 2 with my colleague Harry Latusek. Thank you to Linda for bring a brilliant scribe and to Lisa for being my helper. You were both great. Thank you to all the runners and helpers, ad usual you did a brilliant job.
Tables and Chairs
The set up was 2 tables and 8 chairs with 8 items round the perimeter . One scent was on the first chair on the left side the other on a pack of toilet rolls towards the back of the search area.Some fantastic searching and handling it was a close with many finding it easy.
2 scents on 3 cars. 1 scent on back right wheel of car one and another scent on front left wheel of car 3. Again some quick and amazing searches..The wind caused a bit of a problem for a couple of dogs causing them to alert on the wrong side of the car. It was lovely to see the different styles of handling.
Congratulations to
1st Emma Rogers and Oswald
2nd Linda Mitchel and Izzy
3rd Sue Pinkham and Lexi
4th Beverley Young and Carley
Well done to everyone on qualifying. A lot of clean sweeps and an excellence too.
A bit of a cold day but a very enjoyable trial to judge with such lovely dogs and handlers.. some amazing teams of a high standard.. a couple of blips for some but still all qualified..onwards and upwards hope to see you again soon.

Thankyou to Gloria for inviting me along to do judge this level 2 trial with my good friend and colleague,Jo Hickman.Also to my lovely scribe,Julia Reeves and my helper on the day,Angela.You all did a wonderful job.
It was a rather damp miserable morning with a light breeze,which is not unusual of late on the wonderful Costa Del Nuneaton.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.
We had 15 teams partaking on the day.
I was tasked to judge the exterior and the boxes and luggage part of the trial.

We chose to use part of the car park area,being tarmac,as the grassed excercise area was rather wet and muddy.
I laid out some 13 items,the 2 scented ones being a small yellow plastic kids tool box and a small kitchen fire extinguisher.
These were placed to immediate right(yellow box) and to the far left of the start line(fire extinguisher).
12 of the teams were successful in finding both fairly comfortably.
A good display all round,but Worthy of mention with excellent handling and searching were….
Emma and Oswald and Maureen and Riki showing everyone the way home in some 18 seconds,closely followed home by Lynda and Izzy,Julia and Fudge,Helen and Mable and Mia and Louis,in 26,37,44,64 seconds respectively.

I laid out 6 boxes and 6 bags/cases in the main hall.
The scents were hidden in the buckle of a black bag,placed immediately to left of the start line,the box containing the other scent was placed centrally to the rear.
An excellent display all round with all 15 teams finding both hidden scents with ease.
Our eventual winners on the day,Emma and Oswald coming to fore in some 18 seconds.
Lovely displays from all teams,but must mention the few that caught my eye on the day.
These were….Emma and Oswald,Maureen and Rika,Angela and Baylee,Beverley and Carly,Julia and Fudge and last but not least Marie and Poppy,a little excitable but got the job done,so to speak.

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning judging,it was lovely to watch these young teams coming through, and I am sure that most will progress through the higher levels in time.
My congratulations go to the rosette winners on the day….
1…Emma and Oswald….2 ….Lynda and Izzy…3…Sue and Lexi…4…Beverley and Carly…

I hope to see some of you,if not all,at some time in the future…

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