Fri 28th Jun 2019, Wellingborough

Level 3: Judge - Harold Latusek

1 Jennie Dean – Bear – 100
2 Laura Burton – Peanut – 99.9
3 Emma Conlisk – Smartie – 99.8
4 Linda Bowden – Brewster – 98.75
5 Keith Clowes – Monty – 90
6 Gloria Bonnell – Dylan – 89.9
7 Jan Martin – Mattie – 89.8
8 Julia Reeves – Dandy – 89.8
9 Kym Salisbury – Max – 89.6
10 Deborah Palmer – Majic – 80
11 Charles Robert – Skye – 80
12 Val Isherwood – Heike – 79.75
13 Mary Allen – Alfie – 79.5
14 John Hearn – Skip – 79

A beautiful sunny day for a trial. The last trial we held in Wellingborough it actually rained all day and everyone was soaked, but today the sun shone.

As it was going to be really hot we started with the exterior search. We only had one level today which was lovely and relaxed.

Judge Harold Latusek arrived in great time and as I had already set all the search areas ready then we got on with popping the scented finds in, running the white dog and then the judges briefing.

Jane Meadows was the scribe and worked really hard. Thank you so much Jane. Also thank you to Jamie Read for running, Geoff Allen for keeping everyone supplied with teas and coffees and Jennie Dean who helped input the scores. Thank you all as you freed me up to get on with trial managing.

Everyone was quite happy sitting by their cars or on the grass in the sunshine awaiting their turn. A very happy picture. A scentwork UK trial – all happy and relaxed.

Happily we had 100% pass rate.

Once again thank you to all who helped and well done to all teams. It was great to be able to watch some of the searches.

Look forward to welcoming you all again to Wellingborough.


A Thank you to Marianne for in inviting me to judge at the Rugby club, it is a lovely venue, ideally suited for scenting trials. A special Thank you,to my scribe for the day, Jayne, who did a excellent job.

I commenced with the external search, placing the cloves scent in a wellington boot, the gun oil, I concealed in a toilet seat.10 of the 14 teams, were successful in finding both scents, the remaining 4 finding 1.An exceptionally fast time of 21 seconds, by Laura and Peanut, closely followed by Linda and Brewster, on 28 seconds.

Moving on to the tables/chairs and perimeter. The cloves scent was secreted underneath the centre of the furthest away chair, to the left. The gun oil was hidden underneath the bottom of a wooden gate, to the right of the room. Surprisingly, it was the larger of the dogs, that appeared to find the low scent, on the gate, with ease. Again Linda and Brewster finding both in some 24 seconds.8 of the teams were successful in finding both scents,3 others falsely calling on the chairs. The remaining 3 falsely calling in an area to the left of the room, near to the kitchen door. Following a request, An examination of this area, by myself, revealed nothing untoward, in addition, the white dog had paid it no attention.

We then moved on to the vehicle search, the 3 vehicles being lined upside by side, in the car park area, to the right of the main building. The cloves scent was tucked into the light cluster, on the front near side of vehicle 1.The gun oil scent was hidden in the bottom of the drivers door seam, of vehicle 2.There was a little swirling breeze, which at first, confused some of the dogs, particularity with vehicle 2.With Some excellent handling, perseverance and patience, I’m glad to say, all teams were successful, in finding both, with the exception of 1.

Last, but not least, everyone’s favorite, boxes and luggage. I choose to conceal both scents in 2 flattish black bags, being placed directly opposite each other, to the left and right of the search area. Good, methodical searching by the majority of teams, resulted in 11 of the 14 correctly identifying both scents, the remaining 3,finding 1.Super fast times,by Keith and Monty, finding both in some 26 seconds, closely followed by Linda and Brewster in 35 secs.

A white dog was ran prior to the commencement of all 4 searches.

Some excellent teamwork, especially by our eventual 4 rosette winners, they were …
1st place, with 100 points, Jennie and Bear,2nd place went to Laura and Peanut on 99.9,3rd place going to, Emma and Smartie with 99.8,4th place to Linda and Brewster on 98.75.A very close trial, a s it can be seen, only .2 of a mark separating the top 3 places.

A special mentioned Charles and Skye, who achieved thier excellence Rosette in level 3.

It was a good all round display by all of the teams, a few of them competing in their 1st level 3 trial. The final results speak for themselves, all 14 entrants were successful in qualifying.

I wish all of you the best in your forthcoming trials, I look forward to seeing some, if not all of you, in the future.

Thank you All, for a lovely day….

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Jennie Dean – Bear205117205632058720597100364
2Laura Burton – Peanut205532052120586204.912199.9281
3Emma Conlisk – Smartie20580204.996205100204.915999.8435
4Linda Bowden – Brewster2052420528204.75492043598.75136
5Keith Clowes – Monty20580105352051612052690302
6Gloria Bonnell – Dylan10518520580204.92112055589.9531
7Jan Martin – Mattie104.9263204.988205872057589.8513
8Julia Reeves – Dandy204.8276105442057120513089.8521
9Kym Salisbury – Max104.8297204.817020512920513789.6733
10Deborah Palmer – Majic10575205702059710511680358
11Charles Robert – Skye205125205371051331058980384
12Val Isherwood – Heike104.75101205432051441058179.75369
13Mary Allen – Alfie104.8261104.969204.823720510679.5673
14John Hearn – Skip104.75196104.75300205104204.529779897

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