Fri 29th Nov 2019, Sutton Coldfield

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Harry Latusek & Keith Clowes
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Jo Robson & Brock2056205492051620562100133
2Tracy Ridgway & Enzo2059205820537204.95399.9107
3Leah Iommi & Enid20539204.980204.9922052199.8232
4Sarah Fortes Mayer & Bonnie2052420554204.8832054499.8205
5Michelle Rodgers & Loki204.93620532204822053498.9184
6Penny Harris & Chance205720512205640516380246
7Diane Barry & Milo204.999204.751002051270513179.65457
8Julie Thomas & Sassy204.93404.95420550204.716379.5301
9Debbie Goodwin & Fab04.817920533204.8149204.98179.5442
10Martin Abbott & Decorusgem Watson204.9108204.81262058704.814079.5461
11Deb Atkins & Chester20511204.811404.880204.817079.4375
12Lynne White & Torin2055120546041802057679353
13Sarah Squires & Dexter20545205480460204.912478.9277
Level 3
1Julia Bodsworth & Spot205682055620525220564100440
2Lynda Stangle & Magic20534205601052972055290443
3Gloria Bonnell & Dylan20592205681053002055490514
4Marie Tomkinson & Bertie2056620577104.71842053389.7360
5Julia Reeves & Dandy20580204.817020592104.812389.6465
6Jane Page & Dinah2059020586104.9205104.811379.7494
7Nancy Chalmers & George2055410563204.8199104.752579.55341
8Geoff Allen & April20512410420120519810422578748

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Another trial and another new venue – due to the availability of venues in this area it feels as though we are constantly seeking new ones.

We were blessed with very good weather – while it was brisk it was warm in the shade, and dry! Given the lack of waiting room at the venue I think we were all extremely grateful for that.

Keith Clowes and Harry Latusek were my fantastic judges for the day, and they were supported by Brenda Ward and James Lindley as scribes in the morning and Michelle Rodgers and Anne Johnson in the afternoon.

Michelle Rodgers and Deb Atkins very kindly stepped in to help run in the morning, despite competing with their own dogs – help I was extremely grateful for. Brenda and I ran in the afternoon. Running is an extremely important job at a trial and never underestimate how difficult it can be. We had a few dogs with reactivity issues, so the runner needs to make sure the path is completely clear for that dog to go into and out of their search.

This was not the easiest of venues; despite the floor being nice and non-slip, there were breezes coming through the fire doors and a strangely clinical smell in the hall.

A huge congratulations to Jo Robson and Brock for coming first with full marks at Level 1 and earning their excellence. Also many to Julia Bodsworth and Spot for full marks and first place at Level 3, and to Lynda Stangle and Magic for obtaining excellence.

Thank you to all who were able to give some time to clear up at the end.

Happy trialling – I look forward to seeing you all again.

Judges report by Keith Clowes
Level 1 & 3 competition at Sutton Coldfield on the 29th November.

Ellen Lindley kindly asked Harry Latusek and myself to judge a level 1 & level 3 at Sutton Coldfield on the 29th November 2019. We arrived just has Ellen had managed to open up the village hall and helped to set up.

First was the level 1

For this I judged the table and chairs, the scent was placed on a chair. We had some very quick times. Jo Robson worked her dog Brock off lead for the first time finding the chair in 6 seconds. Only 1 second behind was Penny Harris with Chance, both where excellent. Next, I did Boxes and Luggage, the scent placed on a box. Again, some excellent handling with Anita Owen and Dolly taking just 13 seconds, well done. I would like to congratulate the following top four:

1st Jo Robson with Brock also got her excellence rosette.
2nd Tracy Ridgway with Enzo
3rd Leach Lommi with Enid
4th Sarah Squires with Dexter

I would also like to congratulate all the others that qualified and to thank all competitors for being such a fantastic bunch, with some really nice handling. I would also like to thank all those who helped and in particular Brenda my scribe.

After a nice lunch we then did level 3.

Before I judged the exterior search, I put the cloves in a tin with lots of airholes in with the cloth taped over the holes. The gun oil was on a car jack on a pad, so was open to the air. 6 teams found both scents. Julia Bodsworth with Spot, Lynda Stangle with Magic and Gloria Bonnell with Dylan, all had quite fast times and excellent handling. Next I prepared the vehicle search, with the cloves on a wheel. Gun oil was put on a white sticky pad, onto a white van. It was near the door frame, if you looked very closely you could just make out the pad. By now the temperature was dropping fast, so the scent was staying low. Several teams were having problems with the finding both scents. Times were not quick, although again there was some excellent handling. I would like to congratulate the following forfinishing in the top four places.

1st Julia Bodsworth with Spot
2nd Lynda Stangle with Magic also got her excellence rosette.
3rd Gloria Bonnell with Dylan
4th Maria Tomkinson with Bertie

I would like to congratulate all that qualified and those that competed. Especially as all of you had difficult outside searches due to the temperature dropping very low in the afternoon. Again, thank you to all the helpers that made it go so smoothly and particularly Michelle my afternoon scribe.

Harold Latusek
Thankyou Ellen for inviting me along to to judge levels 1 and 3 on the day.I shared the judging with my good friend Keith Clowes.It was a beautiful morning with a slight breeze and a little nip in the air.In l was tasked with judging the vehicle and exterior searches in level 1.A white dog was used prior to all searches.
The cloves scent,I hid in the front passenger wheel of the vehicle which was sited on the tarmac car park,to the side of the main building.10 of the 14 teams partaking were successful in finding the scent.Excellent teamwork and quick times by Jo and Brock,16 seconds,followed by Tracy and Enzo,Julie and Sassy and Penny and Chance in 37,50 and 64 seconds respectively.

The vehicle was moved and the same area was used for the exterior search, after we had erected fencing around the perimeter.I placed out 12 articles and hid the scented cloth in a toilet seat,which I placed on the far left of the search area.The remaining 2 items which I declared to the runners were,a medicine ball,on the the far right and a car jack,sited at the start and to the right of the cones.13 of the 14 teams finding were successful.Some lovely handling and good methodical searching by the majority of teams.Leading the way were,Tracy and Enzo,Anita and Dolly and Penny and Chance,finding the hidden scent in some,8,12 and 12 seconds respectively.Good handling skills and searching also shown by,Sarah and Bonnie,Jo and Brock and Michelle and Loki.
13 of the 14 teams successfully qualified and my congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners.
1st.Jo and Brock with maximum score and also receiving thier excellent rosette….2nd.Tracy and Enzo,99.9….3rdLeah and Enid,99.8….4th.Sarah and Bonnie,99.8.

Level 3
Following a short lunch break,we moved onto level 3,where I judged the boxes and luggage and tables/chairs and perimeter.
Boxes and Luggage
I placed out 14 items,concealing the scents as follows.The cloves I placed in the zip of a small bag,placing this to the far left of the search area.The gun oil I concealed in the buckle of a haversack on the far right.A mixed bag here,with 5 of the 10 teams correctly finding both scents and 5 finding 1.Some good searching,of lead shown by,Lynda and Magic,Gloria and Dylan,Julia and Spot and Sonia and Ruby,in 52,54,64 and 74 seconds respectively.
Tables/chairs and perimeter
I set up the tables and chairs in an L shape,placing the cloves scent on the 2nd chair to the left of the start line.The gun oil I hid in a crevice,on the front of the stage at the far end of the room.Several items were placed around the perimeter which also included 2 fire exit doors,1 to the left, the other to the right of the room.8 of the 10 teams correctly identified both scents,in quick times.Excellent searching and handling shown by Lynda and Magic,in some 34 seconds,followed by Gloria and Dylan and Julia and Spot.Good handling skills shown by Julia Reeves who waited patiently for little Dandy to go to source.The general handling of all, was of a very good standard.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners.1st..Julia and Spot,100….2nd.Lynda and Magic,also gaining thier excellence.90….3rd.Gloria and Dylan,90…4th.Marie and Bertie,89.7.

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