Mon 02 Jan 2023, Perranwell Station

Levels 2 & 3: Judges - L3 Debra Cassidy, L2 Georgina Davies

Perranwell Centre, School Hill, Perranwell Station TR3 7JU

Start: L3: 10 am / L2: 1.30 pm
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Jackie Lawer / Debra Cassidy

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thanks Jackie for inviting me to step in for you at the L3 trial. I must say you have a lot of very good helpers because of them we had a very good trial and Debbie was a very fair judge with just the right amount of difficulty. even the weather was kind to us.

Unfortunately, I was unable to be at the trials today due to a positive Covid test, so my thanks to both Judges and Trial Managers for stepping in to cover for me. However, I must say that without the assistance of a great group of helpers, the trials would have had to be cancelled, so a big shout out to everyone who gave up their time today – thank you so much.
It was a crisp, chilly day but the sun shone and I have heard that everything went smoothly and the competitors enjoyed themselves. Huge congratulations to everyone taking part today.
I will definitely try to be there in person at the next trials on 7th!

Trial manager’s report level 2: Stepping in to cover for Jackie who had the lurgy was not a hardship because her band of helpers were as efficient as ever. Georgina set some lovely hides for the level 2 with the right amount of challenge for both dogs and handlers. As always I would remind handlers to read through guidelines before they compete. Thank you to competitors for their understanding for the late changes that allowed the trial to go ahead.

Level 3 Judges Report: Thank you Jackie for inviting me to judge, so sorry the dreaded lurgy meant you could not be there, but thanks to Denise Pile for stepping in to trial manage and to all your band of willing, friendly and great helpers.

Although the drive down was very misty, we were lucky today with the weather, no rain and just a slight breeze.

Starting with tables,chairs and perimeter, the clove was hidden on the chair on the far left of the set up, with the seat facing outwards, the hide was on the metal cross bar just under the seat. The dogs had to work hard to get to the source. The second hide (gun oil) was on the right hand side hinge of the double doors. Again the dogs had to work their way to the source as there was a slight breeze and teams went by, caught odour then tracked back. All teams found both hides, so an excellent start.

The next search was the exterior search in a small enclosed area, which was quite damp and handlers had to work to keep dogs engaged in the items and not piles of leaf matter. The gun oil was in the middle of a loosely tied bamboo steak bundle and the clove on the inner rectangular flower troughs. This proved to be the harder of the two hides to find.

Back inside to boxes and luggage, this a leap from level 2 where there is clear designation as to hides i.e one box one bag. Here handlers needed to be aware of level 3 guidance and trust their dogs. The clove was on a large bum bag in the plastic clasp and the gun oil was on the inside the metal clasp of the large suitcase. Here teams need to make sure that they search all of the item as it was missed as they just walked past.

Finally the wall search, which was the right hand side wall as you look at the hall. There was a pathway adjacent to the wall and a hedge opposite along the pathway. Teams worked hard to ensure the dog was more interested in the wall as opposed to the vegetation.

The first hide (clove) was hidden behind drainage piping, the scent plume was going down along the pipeline and teams worked to track back to the source. The second hide (gun
oil) was at the end of the wall , tucked under the ledge of the wall coating, again this involved dogs tracking back and low to get to the source.

I tried to set appropriate hides for level three where teams clearly had to work together. All teams qualified and this was well deserved. Well done to those who were placed and those achieving excellent awards. Remember each trial is a learning experience.

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