Mon 06 Dec 2021, Chacombe

Levels 3: Judges - Harry Latusek & Jo Hickman

Village Hall, Thorpe Rd, Chacombe, Banbury OX17 2JG

Start: 10:30
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Karen Kendall

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly,I would like to thank Karen for inviting me along to Chacombe to co judge this level 3 trial alongside Josie Hickman.A big Thankyou to my wonderful scribe on the day,Gloria Bonnell ,also our runners and helpers, Keith and Lynda.
It was a miserable cold rainy day to say the least.A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.I was tasked with judging the exterior and the boxes and luggage part of the trial

I laid out some 14 items on the hard surface to the right of the building.The gun oil scent was hidden inside a wall clock and placed centrally, at its furthest point from the start line.The cloves scent was secreted inside a smoke alarm and sited to the right of the search area.
Some lovely methodical searching by many of the 11 teams, but it was clearly obvious that a few of the dogs were a little uncomfortable in the rain.
Excellent searches by Elaine and Rosco,Diane and Lily and Meghan and Rocket,finding both scents in some 21,26 and 36 seconds respectively.

Moving into the nice large warm hall I laid out some 14 articles,made up from a mixture of bags,boxes and suitcases.
I hid the cloves scent in the clasp of a handbag,placing this to the top left of the search area.The gun oil was hidden in the buckle of a black computer briefcase and sited far right of the search area.Lovely handling and good searching by the majority of teams.7 of the 11 finding both scents with relative ease,the remaining 4 finding 1.
Excellent searching by Rita and Betty,leading the way in some 23 seconds,closely followed by Elaine and Rosco and Diane and Lily.Good teamwork also shown by Jeanette and Buddy and Meghan and Rocket.
A good day all round with 10 of the 11 teams successfully qualifying.
My congratulations go to the eventual 4 rossete winners…1.Elaine/Rosco…2.Diane/Lily…3.Meghan/Rocket…4.Jackie/Lexi…
A very close run trial with the first 3 placings on maximum points,and therefore decided on time…
I wish all of you the best in future trials, and hope to meet up again with some of you,if not all…..

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