Mon 09 Mar 2020, Chacombe

Level 3: Judges - Liz Ormerod and Keith Clowes
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Julia Reeves - Dandy20519420514320517620567100580
2Julie Cox - Edith2051432059220590204.813099.8455
3Pam Butcher - Willow205177204.9117204.810820510899.7510
4Mary Allen - Alice10519920535205732055290359
5Gloria Bonnell - Dylan20520310556205702053190360
6Mike Wright - Poppy205862052620563104.920889.9383
7John Hearn - Whisper2051172053620597104.528089.5530
8Jeff Allen - April20514020418720570104.412288.4519
9Sonia Pidhajeckyj - Ruby10557205422057410512080293
10Anne Glennon - Missy105163104.987205108204.99979.8457
11Josie Hickman - Monty104.92372056220594104.98179.8474
12Karen James - Alfie104.9224204.998105952054379.8460
13Peter Tuck - Button104.5291204.812320558104.95579.2527
14Carol Green - Tashi20584203.820204.8155204.811578.4556

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 3 at Chacombe by Keith Clowes

I would like to thank Karen for inviting me along with Liz to judge her Level 3 trial. Also, to my scribe Jacky and all those assisting that helped the trial to run smoothly.
I judged the tables and chairs first, then the vehicle search.
Tables chairs and perimeter search.
I placed the cloves on one foot of the chair, then the gun oil on the hinge of a portable gate on the perimeter. We had some really nice handling, although only 8 out of the 15 found both scents.
Vehicle Search
I placed one scent on the first vehicle, into a wheel nut right near the entrance of the search area. The second scent I placed on the surround of a fog light on the third vehicle. Again, the handling was overall good and the handlers seemed to do better outside. Some did find it hard to trust their dog when they went to the wheel and they carried on only to have to come back later and call the find.
I would like to congratulate all competitors for their performance in such cold weather. Special congratulations must go to the first four places.
1st Julie with Dandy 100 points
2nd Julie with Edith 99.8 Points achieved Excellent
3rd Pam with Willow 99.7 Points
4th Mary with Alice 90 points

Thank you to all competitors who made this such an enjoyable trial to judge.

Trial Manager Report Chacombe Level 3 Trial 9 March 2020
Holding a trial, the day after Crufts, were we mad? Well a little tired and jaded perhaps; but the sun was shining – hooray, and there was a lively and rather chilly wind racing around Chacombe village hall, which woke us up and made the exterior searches very interesting.
As usual we ran an exterior and interior search at the same time so that handlers and dogs weren’t hanging around too long. We started promptly at 10am and finished the first two searches by 11.15am. It was a mad dash for the loos and a hot cuppa and snack, while the next searches were set up and we were all finished by 1pm.
There were tears of joy at the presentations, and I was delighted with so many qualifying scores as the weather conditions had been a little tricky (all but one competitor qualified). People seemed relaxed and there was a lovely, friendly atmosphere with lots of banter and camaraderie.
I was asked by a competitor about what a Trial manager did, to which I replied that their main job is to find brilliant judges and an extremely efficient and friendly helpers and scribes, then sit back and keep out of their way while they got on with it. Well there is a bit of paperwork too, but it’s the team who really make the day so massive thank you to awesome judges Liz Ormerod and Keith Clowes, scribes Sue Benson and Jackie Clowes, helpers Lynda Crossland, Helen Bronti and student Jess. The “dream team” made my job so easy. Thank you so much.
Huge thank you to all who competed and congratulations to our qualifiers at Chacombe Level 3 Trial today. Enjoy your scentwork.
Karen Kendall

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