Mon 10 Aug 2020, AM, Broom

Level 1: Judge - Heather Donnelly

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

AM – Level 1 & PM Level 2
It was wonderful to welcome teams back to what was our first trial day since lockdown! As always, with Broom on trial day, we either seem to get boiling weather or pouring rain, never anything in between! Triallers were however very well prepared with an impressive array of vehicle cooling methods.
A massive thank you, as always, to Heather Donnelly for being such an efficient judge and for offering such constructive advice to all teams. My able colleagues, Conner How and Laura Burton, helped me ensure the day to ran smoothly and I’m extremely grateful to them both.
Lastly I must thank all triallers for following our Covid policy, ensuring that everyone felt safe throughout day.
It really is great to be back doing the sport we all love so much and we look forward to welcoming you back at Dogzaloud in the future.

Heather Donnelly

My thanks to Lesley for organising this trial in her normal efficient way and making all the competitors feel very welcome. It looked to be a rather hot day and because of this Lesley made sure that all the dogs were kept cool by not allowing anyone to wait for their turn in the hot weather and also supplying plenty of doggy paddling pools for those that wanted a quick dip.
Also thanks to Lesley’s very capable and willing band of helpers who all contribute to making this and her past trials a great success. . Also a big thank you to my scribe Laura for keeping accurate results, removing the L2 items, which sometimes involved passing the item through the window! As well as being great company all day.
It is always interesting judging the lower levels which consists of some experienced handlers with their second or third dog as well as beginners having a go for the very first time. However I must add that some of the beginners to day put in a very polished performance and I was sometimes surprised to learn that in some cases this was their very first trial.
Level 1
1st Sue & Amba – I just loved the sensitive handling from Sue with Amba a 13yrs old, deaf Labrador. This team only dropped 0.5 in the vehicle search and gained full handling marks in all the other searches. Although Amba, because of her age isn’t the fastest moving dog, her accuracy and direct approach to the odour resulted in Amba successfully completing the Boxes & Luggage search in 19 seconds and the Exterior search in just 16 second. Well done for gaining your excellent title as well as getting the red one.
2nd Hot on the winners heels was Lynsey & Finn looking a very professional team attending their first ever trial. I was very impressed with this handler’s very natural handling style of this very young dog. Just minuscule marks deducted for ‘re-visiting’ the scented article but I think Lynsey together with her trainer will soon sort this out and will challenge the best. Well done.
3rd Jessica & Dexter were on the same marks as the team in second place so this had to be decided on time. A particularly impressive vehicle search from Dexter who didn’t seem as bothered as others were, by the rather interesting smell at the far end of the vehicle in the weedy area. In fact Dexter excelled in both the outside searches unusual for a ‘Beagle x’ and a testament to Jessica’s very good training. Well done and lovely to watch.
4th Sarah & Teddy – I have met this team before and again I was very impressed with Sarah’s lovely quiet and calm handling of this sensitive dog. Again this team attained good handling marks and now that Teddy is pretty confident with his scentwork Sarah could allow Teddy to take control of the search just a little more.
Level 2
I never know who the place getters are until all the marks are toted up and I must admit I did feel that it could have gone anyway as there were some very impressive performances on the day.
1) Nicola & Myrtle came home with the red one and I must admit it was very difficult to steal any marks off them. Both dog & handler worked in perfect unison with very sensitive and effective guiding from Nicola when Myrtle thought about wandering off to try and investigate something rather smelly in the outside searches. I was particularly impressed with Nicola’s adaptive handling when Myrtle appeared to tire towards the end of the day. A very well deserved win.
2) Katherine & Heston – another team that seem to gel so well. Dalmatian’s don’t appear to be the easiest of breed to train and yet Heston was a extremely motivated search dog who just loves his searching. Excellent handling from Katherine allowing Heston to take control of the search and yet stepped in to assist only when necessary. Very impressive to watch.
3) Chris & Jubby – I judged this team just last month in level 1 and Jubby performed just as well in yet another new environment, you should be pleased with your boy Chris. Pretty faultless handling in both the outside searches usually the ones where most dogs lose focus and concentration. Jubby will only continue to improve in Chris capable hands who are already looking a competent team in these lower levels.
4) Emma & Murphy – I have watched this team but this was the first time that I judged them. A faultless performance in both the indoor searches but Murphy was just a little uncertain about how to handle the black helmet in the Exterior search. Murphy was rather hesitant and re-visited the helmet several times but with Emma experience and sensitive handling Murphy was able to eventually give Emma a good solid indication. Well done.

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