Mon 12 Oct 2020, Broom

Level 2: Judge - Heather Donnelly

Dogzaloud, rear of Broom Farm, Broom, SG18 9NW

Start: 9.30am
Entry Fees: £24.00 per dog.
Contact: Lesley Best
– Tel: 07740285575

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

It was lovely to welcome back so many familiar faces to Broom and I can’t thank everyone enough for being so Covid aware and practicing social distancing at all times and for sanitising their hands before and after each search as we’d asked. Doing anything during these strange times is hard for us all, but you made my job very easy on the day!

I hope we can welcome you all back to Broom in the future. xx

Heather Donnelly

It was a pleasure returning to Broom once again to judge for Lesley and her team at Dogzaloud Training Centre and I can always be certain that this will be a slickly run trial and I wasn’t disappointed.
Lesley was very particular in her organising especially on the competitors conduct owing to the covid situation ensuring that everyone stuck to the rules and was kept safe. Laura as always was a fun and fabulous scribe and together with Connor I knew that I could be certain that all the scoring would be meticulously and accurately recorded. Thank you both.
The standard was particularly high for a lower level and I felt really mean having to deduct minuscule points for minor misdemeanours.
The first to come home was Sarah & Bodger the chocolate Lab. Bodger’s confidence has improved tremendously in Sarah’s capable hands illustrating both impressive searching coupled with very good handling skills. I wasn’t surprised when this team came home with the red one. Well done.
2nd Lynsey & Finn. I have judged this team in the past and it is a joy to watch this team working together in perfect unison. Lynsey is a very keen learner and her attention to detail is rather impressive for someone who is fairly new to dog sport. Well done.
3rd Kathrin & Tasker. This team are fairly new to ‘Scentwork UK’ trialling but you wouldn’t know this when you saw Kathryn work both of her enthusiastic collies. Again a handler who knows how to achieve the best from her dogs and no doubt it won’t be long before we see Kathryn in the top levels worrying the best. Well done
4th Sarah & Teddyetna – Again a team that has come on leaps and bounds. I was particularly impressed with Sarah’s handling in the ‘Boxes & Luggage’ search when Teddy became distracted. Good trainers know when to ‘step up’ the handling when their dog struggles and Sarah illustrated this perfectly in the handling of Teddy in this search. Well done

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