Mon 13 Jan 2020, Wellingborough

Level 6: Judge - Karen Denton
WA = Wrong Alerts (4 = elimination)P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
No of items5Time allowed300No of items4Time allowed240No of items3Time allowed210P+B-D = Points + Bonus - Deductions
1Yaz Whitehall - Banjo04000.25300040100138030100970110200.25129.75535
2Caroline Bannard - Stanley14000.75300040100195030100.251431110201129638
3Helen Kennedy - Preston050101.5250140100240020012101110202.5127.5700
4Jo Crosby-Deakin - Ehren1400030003000240030100971100100110637
5Suzanne Olford - Duke050100.2527603000240020002100100100.25109.75726
6Laura Ward - Ollie0400030003000240020002400900090780

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

I really enjoyed this Trial as the standard was high and the dogs were all so different in their style of searching.

I used mixture of the three scents in all three areas with 5 in the first interior search (one side of the lounge), 3 in the exterior search (the small spectator stand), 4 in the second interior (changing room and small section of the adjacent corridor).

We started with interior 1 and between 3 and 5 scents were found by the dog/handler teams in this area.

Then we went outside and all the teams found between 1 and 3 hidden scents in the spectator stand.

Lastly we went into the changing room area where all the teams found 3 or 4 hides so all the hides were discovered overall but not by everyone and 6 of the 9 competitors were eventually successful on the day so very well done. There were one or two dogs who still scratch at the find which needs to be worked on in training as, not only does it spoil the paintwork, but it leaves their scent in situ which can be a distraction for the other dogs who have their turn afterwards. One or two handlers would do well to keep their eye on the dog the whole time as some missed their dog heading in the direction of a scent whilst they were thinking about the next section of the area to cover.

Many congratulations to those who qualified, it was a delight watching you and your dogs work.

1st place: Yaz & Banjo. A super team. Banjo likes to work outside rather than inside and, because he’s harder to read indoors, it requires Yaz’s great observational skills to be sure when to call the alert. Well done both especially since Yaz mentioned that he’d been off his game in recent weeks. He was certainly on it today!

2nd place: Caroline & Stanley. A joyful team! What a character this little dog is! Full of spirit and fun. He was like a little bee buzzing around and I suggested to Caroline that she may want to try working him off line at some point. She did in the very next search! A brave decision to make in a Level 6 trial! But hey! He continued to buzz around freely loving every minute and finding them all with no problem at all.

3rd: Helen & Preston. Preston has a wonderful nose and can be seen twitching it before they start the search. He knows the job and just gets on with it. Well done both to come in 3rd.

4th: Jo & Ehren. A well deserved 4th place. This beautiful dog works independently and covers the area with wonderful efficiency. A joy to watch. Congratulations.

5th: Suzanne & Duke. An amazingly conscientious and meticulous dog who works so hard covering every inch where Suzanne tasks him and gives a beautiful indication when he finds the scent. Well done.

6th: Laura & Ollie. Ollie is such an athletic dog considering his size and had no problem jumping onto the seats in the outside stand to check what was up there. Laura reads him really well and and he also has a wonderful indication.

Well done to all the teams. I hope you enjoyed the trial as much as I did. You were all a pleasure to watch.

Many thanks to Marianne for inviting me to judge and for her superb scribing skills and also for sorting out the impromptu fire which was set in the grounds – not something you expect to have to do as a Trial Manager!

Karen Denton

Congratulations to all the competitors

trial managers report – Wellingborough 13th Jan 2020

As we were only running one level today we had a very civilised time to start our level 6 trial today. We started at 10:30am – which was great for everyone to miss the morning traffic.

The weather report was not good so we planned on running the exterior search second. As it happened we were lucky with the weather and it only started raining as we were all leaving.

Karen Denton our fabulous judge for today arrived in plenty of time. We had the judges briefing and then all competitors walked the areas.

We had interior one in the bar area, no the bar was closed… Part way through this some people arrived and dropped a load of furniture in the field and then set light to it. This was near to our exterior search. So I contacted the chap who runs the venue and he came and sorted it. Ensuring the fire was put out so that we were able to continue without any problems. Each venue seems to have certain problems, but mostly they can be sorted without any undue stress. No dogs were unduly worried.

The second interior search was in the rugby club changing rooms, always good feed back from this area. Plus lots of mud!!!

Thank you to Karen Denton for being a fabulous judge. I was the scribe today. Which was great as I was able to watch all the dogs searching. Always a privilege. Thank you to all the competitors who came along today. You all kept your smiles, even though it was rather chilly.

Some great results and I really look forward to the next trial.

Trial manager Marianne

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