Mon 17th Dec 2018, Wellingborough

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Tracey Alker & Laura Ward
Level 1

1st Wendy Clay – Chilli – 99.75
2nd Nicola Davis – Timber – 99.45
3rd Tracy Inwood – Bonnie – 99.35
4th Val Isherwood – Heike – 99.2
5th John Hearn – Skip – 98.85
6th Niki Wright – Frida – 98.35
7th Harold Latusek – Zack – 79.75
8th Gloria Bonnell – Jade – 79.25
9th Emma Conlisk – Smartie – 79.25
10th Petra Winlove-Smith – Ella – 78.95
11th Martin Stroudley – Ralph – 78.75
12th Kirsten Berry – Oscar – 78.35
13th Dave Thomas – Guliver – 76.5

Level 2

1st Wendy Clay – Quincy – 99.6
2nd Jane Ellis – Febe – 99.55
3rd John Hearn – Skip – 99.55
4th Val Isherwood – Heike – 99.4
5th Linda Bowden – Baileyhill Wiseman – 98.75
6th Barbara O’Brien – Joey – 90
7th Linda Whatley – Sasha – 89.35
8th Gloria Bonnell – Dylan – 89.35
9th Clare Simmons – Bentley – 88.65
10th Nikki Johnson – Harleigh – 79.75
11th Jan Martin – Mattie – 79.6
12th Stephen Whatley – Merlin – 79.35

Another lovely sunny but very cold day here in our new venue at the Rugby Club in Wellingborough. It is so lovely to have such a huge car park (at least 100 spaces!!!) No neighbours so dogs and people can make as much noise as they like. No idea why I have not used this venue before as I run classes here during the week. The only slight problem is that during the winter it is not available at the weekend. But today that was not a problem as we had a great turn out.

The day got underway with level 1 on the tables and chairs inside and the vehicle search outside.

Laura was outside in the cold but as the sun came out it was really quite pleasant.

Both Laura and Tracey are experienced judges and got on with the searches in a professional manner, putting everyone at ease and then giving some really useful feedback.

Meanwhile inside when we did the boxes and luggage search we put a couple of tables in front of the large Christmas tree so that it was not too much of a distraction to the dogs. But it did not prove to be any problem at all.

A couple of hiccups meant we were slightly late starting level 2 after lunch but soon caught up in time and all searches were finished by 4pm.

Great result – everyone in both levels qualified.

All together a very good trial with lots of fabulous dogs (and handlers) working extremely well.

Time for rosettes and certificates. Plus an Excellent rosette for Wendy Clay and Chilli in level 1, very well deserved.

Always a very pleasing time to be able to thank everyone for their help and to see certificates been awarded.

Thank you to everyone who attended today and hopefully you all had a peaceful evening with happy but tired dogs.

It was also lovely today to welcome some new faces to our level 1 trial.

Big thanks to my brilliant judges Tracey Alker and Laura Ward who did a fabulous job. Plus thank you to Nicki Hetfield-Rogerson who did the running plus kept everyone provided with hot drinks. Also huge thanks to Helen Kennedy and Kym Salisbury who came along to scribe today and as well as doing a great job have offered to come to another trial and do it all again.

I cannot put these trials on without helpers so I would like you all to know how appreciated you are.

Thank you Marianne

This was a fantastic venue with lots of space and an generous exercise area. We were also very lucky with the weather.

Level 1
There were many first time competitors, and I could really feel how nervous many were. This made the results even more impressive – with everybody passing. Well done to Wendy Clay and Chilli for achieving your excellent and coming first. Also well done to Nicola Davis with Timber who came second, as I know the journey you have been in the last year with Timber’s health. It was lovely to see him out enjoying himself. I think you all worked so well, and I would mention you all if I had the space.
As it should be, many competitors mentioned to me how much they learned from the day, being their first competition and starting to see the training come into place, and see the areas they needed to work on.

Level 2
The standard for the level 2 competitors were extremely high, and really highlighted to me the jump between level 1 and level 2. The level 2 competitors were not only more confident, but there was a clarity to the searches and the handling which was really apparent. It was a tight competition as can be seen by the scores, everybody qualified and showed a good understanding of scent-work.

Thank you to Marriane for being so organised (as always) and Tracey Alker for joint judging. Thank you to Helen Kennedy and Kym Salisbury for scribing – we couldn’t judge without your support. Also thank you to Nicki Hetfield-Rogerson for running and keeping everybody where they should be. The day ran very smoothly and finished on time because of this team work.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1stWendy Clay – Chilli205162055320519204.754199.75129
2ndNicola Davis – Timber204.54120551204.9567205999.45168
3rdTracy Inwood – Bonnie204.752720550204.8531204.753999.35147
4thVal Isherwood – Heike204.257020550204.95412051699.2177
5thJohn Hearn – Skip204.532204.8580204.5482055698.85216
6thNiki Wright – Frida204.75222058204.8526203.7510398.35159
7thHarold Latusek – Zack20536205182052804.754179.75123
8thGloria Bonnell – Jade204.53420562051504.75879.2563
9thEmma Conlisk – Smartie204.5642059304.75382052679.25221
10thPetra Winlove-Smith – Ella204.7523204.8558204.856404.53078.95175
11thMartin Stroudley – Ralph04.57020559204.576204.7511378.75318
12thKirsten Berry – Oscar204.2575204.85115204.513804.7518078.35508
13thDave Thomas – Guliver03.5168204.573204149204.512076.5510
Level 2
1stWendy Clay – Quincy2057820547204.85168204.754899.6341
2ndJane Ellis – Febe20562204.9558204.8546204.752699.55192
3rdJohn Hearn – Skip204.75105204.9569204.8518020512899.55482
4thVal Isherwood – Heike204.5134204.9590204.95802055699.4360
5thLinda Bowden – Baileyhill Wiseman204.756420554205452042698.75189
6thBarbara O’Brien – Joey1054020543205762052890187
7thLinda Whatley – Sasha2056410554204.8588204.53689.35242
8thGloria Bonnell – Dylan204.55510573204.851052053989.35272
9thClare Simmons – Bentley204.5136104.9593204.95130204.2520088.65559
10thNikki Johnson – Harleigh1057110590205300204.759479.75555
11thJan Martin – Mattie104.7510520580104.851732055879.6416
12thStephen Whatley – Merlin204.75125204.852910595104.752279.35271

Wellingborough Rugby Club, Cut Throat Lane, Wellingborough NN29 7TZ

9.30AM – 5PM
Entry Fees: £23 per dog, Capped at 15 handlers.
Contact: Marianne Tembey Tel: 07949 786255
Download entry form to book a place.