Mon 21st Jan 2019, Wellingborough

Levels 2 & 3: Judges - Ali Brannen & Liz Ormerod
Level 2

1st Laura Burton – Peanut – 100
2nd Wendy Clay – Chilli – 100
3rd Keith Clowes – Monty – 99.75
4th Linda Whatley – Sasha – 99.25
5th Heather Bhasin – Georgie – 90
6th Gloria Bonnell- Dylan – 90
7th Jane Ellis – Febe – 89.75
8th Barbara O’Brien – Joey – 89.75
9th Helen Findley – Jessdadswatching – 89.75
10th Julia Reeves – Dandy – 89.75
11th Val Isherwood – Heike – 88.75
12th Harold Latusek – Zack – 80
13th John Hearn – Skip – 78.5
14th Stephen Whatley – Merlin – 77.5

Level 3

1st Lynda Stangle – Max – 99.75
2nd Jean Tuck – Zac – 90
3rd Caroline Bannard – Mr Wilson – 90
4th Helen Kennedy – Preston – 89.75
5th Melanie Goble – Rowan – 89.75
6th Justine Steele – Chumley – 89.75
7th Charles Robert – Misty – 89.5
8th Wendy Clay – Quincy – 89
9th Val Ridgers – Brace – 79.5

Another lovely sunny but very cold day here in our new venue at the Rugby Club in Wellingborough. It is so lovely to have such a huge car park (at least 100 spaces!!!) No neighbours so dogs and people can make as much noise as they like.

There is also a massive field for dogs to be exercised.

A great turn out again today (even though it is a Monday!!). Both judges arrived in plenty of time to sort themselves out before their judges breifing. Have a lovely warm drink before braving the cold.

Ali was happy to do the exterior search and then the vehicle search for both levels. These both went ahead without any hiccups. We are so lucky at this venue as we do not have any public walking around the car park.

Liz started off with the tables and chairs and then moved onto the boxes and luggage. As the hall is large enough we sectioned it into two search areas so we could leave the tables and chairs and boxes and luggage in situ ready for the afternoon level 3’s.

The tea/coffee area is a lovely warm room where everyone congregated to have a warm drink or to just sit and chat whilst waiting for their turn. Also as dogs are allowed in here they too stayed in the warm.

We also did the judges briefing and the presentations in this room which was really cosy.

Great result – everyone in both levels qualified.

All together a very good trial with lots of fabulous dogs (and handlers) working extremely well.

Time for rosettes and certificates. Plus an Excellent rosette for Keith Clowes and Monty in level 2, very well deserved.

Always a very pleasing time to be able to thank everyone for their help and to see certificates been awarded.

Thank you to everyone who attended today and hopefully you all had a peaceful evening with happy but tired dogs.

It was also lovely today to welcome some new faces to our level 2 & 3 trial.

Big thanks to my brilliant judges Ali Brannan and Liz Ormerod who did a fabulous job. Plus thank you to Heather Bhasin who did the running. Also huge thanks to Val Ridgers, Jane Meadows, Caroline Bannard and Barbara O’Brien who all scribed today.

I cannot put these trials on with out helpers so I would like you all to know how appreciated you are.

Thank you Marianne

Ali Brannen

Level 2

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Marianne Tembey for asking me to judge her level 2 trial at Wellingborough Rugby Club, also thanks to my scribes and the runners for the day. We were blessed with a cold but sunny day, and I judged the exterior & vehicle search. A white dog was run for all searches.

Once again the standard of teams were very high and the search times reflected this. We started with the exterior search, the 1st hide was hidden on the bottom of a fan, and the 2nd was hidden on the edge of a shredder. This seemed to pose no problems for most of the teams, Heather Bhasin & Georgie sailed through this along with Helen Findley, Julia Reeves, Val Isherwood, Wendy Clay, Stephen Whatley, Linda Whatley, Laura Burton, Jane Ellis, John Hearn & Barbara O’Brien. Keith Clowes and Monty were a nice team to watch, Keith took the time to ensure that both he & Monty were ready before the search began, and this method proved successful for him in the searches I saw. John Hearn worked very hard with Skip to keep his mind on the job at hand. Wendy Clay’s Chilli was a fun little character to watch, obviously he enjoyed the job and nothing seemed to faze him. Jane Ellis’s Febe will be one to watch come through the levels, Febe was very quick to get to source and would do anything to tell her handler where the scent was by even upturning the item and revealing where the swab was.

The next search was the vehicle search. The hide was on the near side of the vehicle on the front wheel, again this didn’t prove an issue to the dogs, as all sailed through. Gloria Bonnell & Dylan had no problem with this search, Dylan was methodical and worked the area well. Harold Latusek worked hard with Zack, although Zack was not making the job easy for him on the day. Barbara O’Brien and Joey did well, he really is a smashing little search dog, and clearly enjoys Scentwork. Julia Reeves and the little Dandy were a pleasure to watch, he’s a little dog that knows his job.

On conclusion the trial was a success. The standards shown for a level 2 were very high, very little trashing of the search areas, the handling was nice, and the search areas were covered well. So well done everyone, and I hope to see you all again in the future.

Level 3

Firstly I would like to thank Marianne for asking me to judge her Scentwork UK Level 3 Trial, also to my scribe and runner for all your help that day,

I was tasked with judging the Exterior and Vehicle Search. We started with the exterior search, the hides were in the joint of a chair, and the underside of a folding step. Everybody handled this search well, you worked the area methodically and were all successful in this area. Justine Steele & Chumley were a pleasure to watch search, Justine allowing Chumley to take the lead in all searches, and I really liked how she set up his reward. Charles Robert worked really hard with Misty, even when her mind seemed to wander off the search, he quietly brought her back to the job in hand, and I liked how he didn’t hurry her and knew her so well. Caroline Bannard & Mr Wilson were also successful in this search, although Caroline felt Mr Wilson was giving her a hard time, (don’t you just love dogs!) Quincey handled by Wendy Clay was another nice little searcher, full of enthusiasm and drive. Also Melanie Goble and Rowan made a good team, Rowan a nice little search dog again knowing the job at hand. I also like Zac handled by Jean Tuck, a lovely little searcher, methodical and accurate.

We then went on to the Vehicle search. One hide was on the front towing hitch of the first vehicle, the second was in the nearside door seem of the 3rd vehicle. Val Ridgers & Brace were the first out and performed beautifully. Lynda Stangle & Max (max being handled by her husband) made a lovely job of this search, allowing Max to guide them round the search area. Helen Kennedy with Preston had no trouble going to source on the hides on the vehicle, Helen wandered if Preston would be distracted by her car being used, but this didn’t faze Preston at all, well done guys.

On conclusion the trial was a success. Again I was blown away by the high standard of dogs and handler teams, it was a real pleasure to watch you guys work. I look forward to seeing you all again in the future. Keep up the good work everyone.

Liz Ormerod

Apologies to everyone for my late report and my notes I took on the day were a little sketchy, so this is more of a summary than full details.

Marianne, thankyou for inviting me to judge with my co-judge Ali to this splendid venue for the trials. Wow! The space is great, somewhere to walk/run your dog and the competitors even have a lovely warm room to sit in whilst they are waiting, which is even dog friendly too.

Level 2

A field of 14 competitors all eager and ready to start. Ali chose to do the outside searches, well, who am I to argue with a nice warm room to stay in. The room is big enough to be split into two halves for the table and chair search and the boxes and luggage search. This saves a great deal of time.

Tables and chairs first. In general, some lovely searches, very thorough by the dogs, just a couple of handlers restricted the flow of their dogs’ search or others allowed searching of an area they had already covered.

The Boxes and Luggage was a little bit more trying. Only 8 out of 14 found both of the hides. Again, some handlers calling too early when their dog was still investigating.

A well deserved First Place to Laura with Peanut, you are a very motivating handler. 100% qualifiers though, so well done to you all.

Level 3

9 competitors and Ali and I stuck to the same programme that we had in the morning …… me inside!!

The two searches I had to judge couldn’t have been so different. The Tables and Chairs were excellent from ALL. Great team work, watching and knowing their dogs well. BUT, the boxes and luggage! Not such good results. Only 3 out of 9 found both the hides. Early calls, missing the ‘flat black bag’ where the scent was hidden. Valuable lessons to be learnt with this one.
However, it was still a 100% success for all the Level 3 competitors which is a great result.

Congratulations to Lynda with Max who was First in the Level 3 trial, especially as she was using a walking stick to aid her mobility. Max didn’t seem phased by this at all.

Big thanks to the runners and the scribes for keeping the flow of competitors coming and of course to Marianne who runs these trials it seems in her sleep now, always professionally organised.

Liz Ormerod

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1stLaura Burton – Peanut205121205412056120533100256
2ndWendy Clay – Chilli205842052620586205133100329
3rdKeith Clowes – Monty204.7512020556205682052099.75264
4thLinda Whatley – Sasha204.75110204.7553204.751142052299.25299
5thHeather Bhasin – Georgie2052120543205381054690148
6thGloria Bonnell- Dylan20526105392051022053690203
7thJane Ellis – Febe2052720522204.75461054689.75141
8thBarbara O’Brien – Joey20511720543204.75441053489.75238
9thHelen Findley – Jessdadswatching204.7512020520105772053789.75254
10thJulia Reeves – Dandy104.756320597205702053989.75269
11thVal Isherwood – Heike204.514620532204.75103104.53988.75320
12thHarold Latusek – Zack2054705772052042054980377
13thJohn Hearn – Skip204.75132204.5112104.5293104.7512678.5663
14thStephen Whatley – Merlin204145204.7573204.7577045777.5352
Level 3
1stLynda Stangle – Max2053920554205103204.757999.75275
2ndJean Tuck – Zac2056920565205451053190210
3rdCaroline Bannard – Mr Wilson20577205170105842056890399
4thHelen Kennedy – Preston205952054620561104.753389.75235
5thMelanie Goble – Rowan205552055820573104.7510889.75294
6thJustine Steele – Chumley2057520587205133104.754689.75341
7thCharles Robert – Misty2057020511110588204.518589.5454
8thWendy Clay – Quincy2055020547204.7545104.2512489266
9thVal Ridgers – Brace20587204.75822054404.754779.5260

Wellingborough Rugby Club, Cut Throat Lane, Wellingborough NN29 7TZ

9AM – 5PM
Entry Fees: £24 per dog, Capped at 15 handlers. Only 1 dog per handler.
Contact: Marianne Tembey Tel: 07949 786255
Download entry form to book a place.