Mon 24 Oct 2016, Belbroughton

Level 1. Judge - Heather Donnelly

Monday 24th October 2016 at: Belbroughton, Nr Stourbridge. Judge: Heather Donnelly

Level 1

0031st Heather & Timmy – 99.75
2nd Sheila & Zak – 98.5
3rd Anne & Ozzie – 97
4th Melisse & Woody – 94.5
5th Matt & Bess – 77
6th Lynn & Kaiser – 77

003This was my first Scentwork UK Trial at Best Pals so I was pleased the weather was calm and not windy or raining. Heather Donnelly kindly offered to be our judge for the event so we were all in expert hands.

We started with the Tables and Chairs and there were some amazingly quick finds with all the dogs indicating the odour correctly in less than 60 seconds!

We followed with the Exterior Search which everyone found the hardest as there’s always a lot going on around the Recreation Centre and the dogs can become distracted. Timmy was on a mission though and did his owner, Heather, proud by finding it without difficulty but Ozzie got Anne’s blood pressure going as he took his time before correctly indicating exactly on three minutes with no seconds to spare!

Next was the Boxes and Luggage and it was good to get back into the warmth of the hall as it started feeling very chilly outside with the wind picking up. Melissa had worked hard to cure Woody of his box-trashing habit and he sped around the items without causing any damage taking only 12 seconds to sniff out the scent. Zak demonstrated his wonderfully reliable lying down indication leaving Sheila in no doubt where the odour was!

Onto the Vehicle Search next where Matt’s Bess and Lynne’s Kaiser executed calm, methodical searches both finding the scented article easily.

Although some of the finds were super quick, it isn’t about speed and I was pleased with the handling and team work between owner and dog. The participants had worked patiently with their dogs which definitely paid off on the day as they performed well and all qualified.

Many thanks again to Heather for judging and to my sister, Deborah, who was our helper/runner.

We’re all looking forward to Level 2.

My thanks to Karen Denton for asking me to judge her enthusiastic group of scentwork newbies at their first ‘Scentwork UK Level 1’ trial.

It can be quite daunting to run a trial and to watch all your pupils compete, but I must say I was very impressed with the standard of the work here today with the results speaking for themselves.

We started with the tables and chairs and although there were a few of scary moments, with some strong investigations on the chair next door, we had a 100% success rate and everyone passed this section.

Next was the outdoor search which was a sectioned off paved area around the side of the community centre. Unfortunately this was also where a lot of dog walkers had previously walked their dogs through to the dog park which resulted in a lot of the competitor dogs becoming distracted. Fortunately most of the handlers managed to keep the dogs searching to find the scented article which was hidden in a tool box but we did have one incorrect alert on a folded up chair.

We then went indoors for the boxes and luggage search where I hid the scent under a flap area of a cardboard box. Again all the dogs searched this section well although one dog did think that a handle area of a bag needed a bit more investigating and unfortunately the handler mistakenly called this.

Lastly we finished with the vehicle search and I hid the scented article on one of the rear wheels. I gave the handlers the choice of which way around the vehicle they wanted to work and most choose to search to the right side and most of the dogs found it straight away. Some of the handlers weren’t so confident with calling this early ‘find’ and decided it might be best to go around the vehicle again just to make sure.

So at the end of the day all 6 competitors passed and the winner was Heather with Timmy the Lancaster Heeler on a fabulous score of 99.75. I thought that dog and handler illustrated excellent team work especially as Timmy didn’t look the easiest of dogs so well done. 2nd was Shelia with her Boxer ‘Zak’. Zak was so positive in his indication going into the ‘down’ position and refusing to move until his mum called the alert. 3rd place was Ann & OzzieWoody a young Springer who worked all the 4 search areas in a very calm and methodical way. 4th was Melissa & Woody a rather enthusiastic cocker who did some lovely searching but became rather excited about the smell of the dog park and decided to ‘leave his mark’ which unfortunately cost this team handler marks. Also well done to Matt & Bess and Lynn & Kaiser for keeping your cool as both teams called a wrong alert but went on to find the others and qualify. Excellent.

Heather Donnelly (Judge)

A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
Position Handler Dog Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1st Heather Timmy 20 5 29 20 5 61 20 4.75 16 20 5 47 99.75 153
2nd Sheila Zak 20 4 20 20 4.5 81 20 5 21 20 5 82 98.5 204
3rd Anne Ozzie 20 4.75 29 20 3.5 180 20 4.75 28 20 4 76 97 313
4th Melisse Woody 20 5 12 20 0 52 20 4.75 11 20 4.75 15 94.5 90
5th Matt Bess 20 4 35 20 4.5 18 20 4 41 0 4.5 20 77 114
6th Lynn Kaiser 20 4.5 24 0 4.5 67 20 4.5 46 20 3.5 57 77 194