Wed 25 May 2022, Wellingborough

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Valerie Ridges & Yaz Whitehall

Cut Throat Lane, Wellingborough NN29 7TZ

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Marianne Tembey

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

valerie ridgers

I would like to thank Marianne for inviting me, to my first judging appointments L1 & L3. My thanks also to Yaz & her scribe Jayne Meadows, for judging the other half of the levels.
I would like to thank you again Marianne, for being my scribe for the day, which enabling me to check in with you, & in turn, made it possible for me to relax, & so, enjoy my first days judging.

The standard was high in both levels, & the teams, made my job of judging, so very easy. We had good partnerships on that day, demonstrating with consistently high searching. The first four dogs in L1 & L3 getting 100%. Handlers, you can’t ask more than that from your dogs. My congratulations to the winners & to all the teams, that worked,
it was a joy to watch you.

A special mention to Lesley Clements, who came all the way from Northern Ireland & made us one of her stops. pleased to meet you

I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did. Good luck for your future trialing. Thanks again to everyone involved. val

First of all i would like to thank Marianne for inviting me to judge and Valarie Rodgers for co judging and my fab scribe Jane Meadows. Wellingborough rugby club is a great venue with ample space for all levels of trials.
Level 1
Started with the threat of rain, so it was decided that i would judge the indoor searches as Jane had her arm in a sling and would struggle to cover up if it rained.
Tables and chairs
It initially took the dogs a while to settle into search mode and preferred to explore the room first. All bar 1 team found the hide, i think it was a touch of nerves on the handlers part. With the standard so high now this is valuable time lost.
Boxes and luggage
Again all but 1 team found the odour. This was the most interesting search for me. Watching how the dogs approached and went to source, i wished i had the ability to see how the air/odour movement. Although i only had to watch Abi who did an amazing job of following the odour round in a circle between a box and the bag which the odour was on.

Level 3
As Jane and i had been indoors for the level 1 we agreed to do the outdoor searches for the afternoon session. Guess what? yes it rained, so we started with the wall so Jane could stand under cover in the pavilion.

The search area was the front and righthand side of the pavilion. Most of the handlers struggled with the first hide even though their dogs had found it straight away {some even got it on the start line}, the handlers just didn’t believe their dogs or that there would be an early hide. Fortunately they all found it on their 2nd pass and laughed about it.

Exterior search
All teams found both hides. A lot of enthusiasm for this search and thankfully the rain had stopped. Marmite tried very hard to do a down indication inside the trolley, Alex didn’t believe her so Marmite then took the easy route and indicated on the outer corner, which of course was correct, Flo picked up the plastic box to give to Lynda, again handler not believing the dog, but of course Flo was correct.

Overall a good days judging with great teams, i look forward to seeing you all again.
Going forward i would just like to say, watch those tight leads and trust your dogs. Remember they might not offer their normal indication at unknown/new venue.
Congratulations to all competitors

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