Mon 26 Jun 2023, Hinton Blewett, nr Bristol

Level 6: Judge - Tina Schuster

Hinton Blewett Village Hall, Litton Lane, Hinton Blewett, Bristol BS39 5AY

Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Zoe Heritage
– Tel: 01747851503 / 07596 000866

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you to Tina for asking me to scribe. Tina set a fair test for today’s Level 6 trial. Well done everyone for coming, you all worked hard.

Thank you Tina,
for a lovely trial. We all appreciated the fair, yet imaginative, dispersal of scents to find over the areas and it was a fun challenge to find them all – or some of them at least! Thank you also to Faye for her calm, and ever competent, scribing – it was really appreciated. Also, thanks to all the competitors for making it such a fun morning and especially Pippa, who so kindly allows me to work the gorgeous Ivan.

Due to a car on fire, I was late to arrive at Hinton Blewett Village Hall to judge my first L6 under the new rules. Thankfully all competitors were lovely and understanding and we got started soon after with Interior 1.
Interior 1
Was the rear part of the large hall and the ladies toilets with 5 hides altogether and 4 minutes (after the white dog (Rio) run blind by Faye cleared the area in just under 3 minutes). There were a plethora of chairs in the hall bit, which were very well searched by most dog, with one FA by Paddy (and Liz). There was one GO swap under the right (bottom) side of the Emergency Door, and a TO in the left corner of the room (handlers needed to push their dogs into it). Well done everyone for finding the hide. I then hid 2 scents (GO right bottom and C left Labrador nose height) on the front of the washing basin façade. Most dog found the low GO, with only Bodie (Labrador) finding the C. It was unfortunate that Heather set the hand-dryer off, after which Wilma was too scared to go back to the tight toilet area. The last hide (C) was at the start of the search area (left) under the skirting board.
This as was a secure area on the back of the hall, with 4 hides and started just after the Emergency doors. I had hidden 3 hides on pipes in one area (2 TO on downward pipes and GO in the corner) and a C in the wall, which all dogs found. The 3 fairly close together ones (1.3 m apart) presented a challenge to a lot of teams, with Liz (and Bodie) calling Bodie off the second pipe “we found that one” – which they hadn’t. Which was a shame as they didn’t pass and calling the same hide again (even in her mind) would have not been penalised. Some dogs took an interest in some tiles at the back of the search area (which was called by a couple of handlers) and after inspection turned out to have some mouse droppings in the area.
Interior 2
This was a small part of the hall, containing a (disused) fireplace and the kitchen. There was a GO in the top right corner on the kitchen cabinets (low), which the white dog, Elsie and Brodie struggled with. Everyone found the C (big reward history) on the (low) kitchen door and most handlers ensured the chairs (especially the “early” ones) were searched and found the TO.

What an amazing venue and a great set of competitors! Congratulation for a well deserved win, Sara and Meg. Thank you so much Zoe for asking me to judge and Faye for being my lovely, competent scribe as well as white/blind dog runner.

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